In A Dream

As I told you earlier this week Sophie, Kashu and I went to experiment with photography on the lake. One of the exercises we wanted to do was with contrast. We couldn't do as much as we wanted because it was just TOO cold (my ears are Sophie's fingers were not enjoying our artistic endeavour at all!).

I am happy however with the result (thanks Sophie!).  I am scouting locations for a movie project that has a dream like feel and the frozen lake has been one of my best options so far.  I'm thinking of making my HD camera a little blimp so that she can bare the cold and can come to the lake.

I've got some really exciting things coming for the blog next week, I can't wait to share!

Happy week-end guys :)


  1. These pics are stunning! And it looks very cold, so it must've been hard to get the pics look this good ;)
    Looking forward to more exciting things to come on your blog next week. Happy weekend for now! x

  2. Love all the pictures but I could recognise that EYE anytime and anywhere...after all you're my daughter looking so much like your father :-)))

    Maman qui t'aime

  3. what a lovely pictures x

  4. pictures are amazing, love the eye close up! and I think it's a great place for shooting :)

  5. Stunning photos. The first and last ones are my fave.

    Can't wait to see you remix & hear your other news.


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