You're The Boss Apple Sauce: Being Your Most Productive Self

As you know, I quit my job at the independent filmmakers coop to become a full time independent producer a few weeks ago. Being my own boss has been amazing so far, all of my projects are going fabulously and I feel all is well in the (read my) world!
This new direction in my career is a learning process and I put together a plan to be the most productive freelancer I can be. I wanted to share because some of the tips I'll be trying could be useful to you in your professional life. So here we go!

Virginie's Plan To Being The Most Productive Freelancer Possible:

- Set daily achievable goals to make yourself feel good and gratified. You often work alone so you have to be your own positive reinforcement system from now on! By achieving goals daily you will keep your work self esteem in check. If it helps, have a reward at the end of a task (I like chocolate).

- Make time for learning/educating yourself. To grow as a person and in your career there are always more thing to know! Weather you chose to take a night class or an e-course, you should really seize this opportunity of being master of your own schedule to make time to better yourself. This definitely gives you an edge and will certainly help your career move forward. I am setting an hour and a half each day in my schedule to read books about movie producing, legal aspects and small business owning.

- Get dressed! Freelancing should not equal wearing sweats all day.This will help with feeling good and gratified and it just gives out the right energy (hello karma!). It is also a very positive way to separate your work life from your personal life (which are both happening in the same space for me) and it will encourage you to get out of the house and attend networking events or having lunch with potential partners.

Get out of the house. Maybe like me your office is in your home. That sure is great when a snow storm hits! However I believe it is super healthy to get out of the home office a few times a week. Being in a new environment and energy can be so inspiring! That coffee place you like so much might have a second floor you never went up to with full on sun exposure and a beautiful city view. Explore your neighborhood and find different spots that speak to you.

- Get yourself inspired! Do things that didn't fit in your schedule before, like going to the museum on a week day. Make sure your creative side is nurtured and happy, it will pay off! I am hoping to take about two hours a week doing something purely for inspiration.

- Plan your next week on the Friday so that is your are feeling inspired to work on the week-end (which you can totally do now that you decide your time schedule... I do it all the time) and you'll feel more productive when Monday comes.

- Keep tings separate. Chances are is you are a freelancer  you are working on more than one project at the time. Make a mental and physical spaces and energies for each different project.

Ok, so I'll be keeping to this plan for a few weeks and then seeing how it works for me, making adjustment and keeping tabs. This plan has gotten me inspired!

Now the only question is: what's going to happen in the next scene of the Remix Story? Stay tuned to find out!


  1. Great advice, and outfit! I am also self-employeed and making achievable goals is so important!

    Oh, and I'm running a giveaway on my blog if you are interested! http://www.maritimeshopaholic.com/2011/02/silver-daisy-designs-giveaway.html

  2. I love this post! I will be saving this one. I too work from home, so this is a wonderful reminder on how to stay inspired & productive.

    As for the outfit? Your style is so delightful, lovey, those adorable red gloves + shoes, along with the lace top + necklace, it gives the outfit a nice glam touch. Have a wonderful day. xx veronika

  3. I am so proud of you, you're so focussed, and you believe so much in your choices, decisions that everything will fall into place. Wonderful idea to take time for you out of your office, I love this post and I love you...

    Maman qui t'aime

  4. very good advice, you should totally blog about all the steps involved in your new professional life!! I love the red gloves and shoes again, matching your gloves to your shoes could totally become your 'thing' :D

  5. Thanks guys! I'm so glad you find the work posts useful!

    And Annebeth, I was totally thinking of making the red gloves/red shoes combo a recurrent for the posts about work (which will all be titled: Your The Boss Apple Sauce!). I smell a concept here :)

  6. Thanks for the inspiring post!

    Those are great tips that I should really consider. I also work from home but unfortunately I am not nearly as focused and organized as you.

  7. I love the idea of having a theme for 30x30! Also, these are some fantastic tips. I think they are useful to me even though I am not a freelancer. :)

  8. love this look! you always put together lovely looks!

    and i love the red shoes and gloves with the all neutrals! so great!

  9. Agree on all your freelancing techniques! Sometimes taking a 30 minute walk outside really helps me change my mood or mind so I can get excited about a different project.

    Loving this look, too. The red gloves and shoes- so classy!

  10. i really need a red pair of shoes in my life. just like your cute t-straps.

  11. I couldn't agree more with your tips and it looks & sounds like they're really working for you.
    I love love love your outfit (but what else is new). Those touches of red are perfect.

  12. this is great! i love to read your posts about your job x

  13. Love this outfit, especially with the red gloves & shoes.

    And I'm with you on the getting out of the house if you work from home item - excellent suggestions!

  14. Aw I just found your cute lil blog! I love you sense of style and your writing as well! Can't wait to see more :)

  15. Very great tips, thank you! Your outfit is stunning. Love the red shoes and gloves.

  16. Love the red accents in your outfit here.

    I am sort of working for myself at the moment too... great advice. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes, but it's all about the planning!!



  17. oh virginie that is really great to hear! must feel really swell to have this dream realized, just wonderful stuff.

    your mission statement rocks! i love you're this organized and when you've got a written out plan it makes things execute even better i think. adore your outfit and the red gloves & shoes, so good. ♥


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