My Latest Roof Top Adventure : Sneak Peak!

Last Night we shot our latest roof top video for OFF On The Roof. The weather was completely amazing, it was (finally) a true hot soon to be Summer day and we were so happy to shoot Mathématique for the second time. She is beautiful and so talented: Mathématique we love you!

The equally fabulous and talented designer Coeur de loup had accepted to dress Mathématique, Sophie and I. Her clothes are gorgeous and her style is awesome, thank you so much Nathalie! Full outfit post to come.

I had asked my friend Elisabeth from Ruban Cassette (who happens to be my very favorite photographer) to take our on set pictures. Amongst us was also a new collaborator of OFF On The Roof, Sébastien Ouellet, who will be helping us with photos and videos (he was shooting a behind the scenes yesterday, can't wait to see it!). Never did we have more cameras on an OFF On The Roof set. Thank you so much guys!

Elisabeth shared this sneak peak with us. I LOVE her yellow and turquoise inspiration, visit her blog to read more about it!

And Sébastien's Sneak Peak:
Can't wait to see it all! The video will be online within the next week, I'll keep you posted!

Until then, have a great day everyone!

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