Last Night's Movie

Bridesmaids, a film by Paul Feig

I think it's safe to say I love pretty much every movie that Judd Apatow produces (as I do the ones he directs). They always make me laugh SO much! After hearing much buzz from fellow bloggers about how good this movie was, I convinced my husband to go watch it with me and although he needed some convincing, 20 minutes into the movie he was telling me "we are getting this when it comes out in Blue Ray". We LOVED it!

Although it is a movie made according to the Hollywood recipe, I love the fact that the characters were not stereotypes (as they almost always are in "chick flicks"), I loved the subtleties in the dialogues and the casting was amazing (and unexpected). It was the most fun I had at the theater since Scream 4 (yes I'm still going bananas for that movie).

Even though I'll take an auteur film over a Hollywood studio movie any day of the week, I always enjoy when they do it up right, as they certainly did with Bridesmaids. You should definitely see it!


  1. you description really makes me want to watch it! haha, i will buy it when it's cd comes out. :)

    dejoiss ❤


  2. I loved it so much, too! I already want to go again.


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