My Latest Roof Top Adventure

Hey guys! How ready are we for this week-end to arrive, huh? I've had a really long and not so productive week, due to the fact that I spent most of my time day dreaming about what I would be up to if I was at the Cannes Film Festival again this year... SO glad it's ending this Sunday so I can get my productivity back! Note to self: next year, just go!

I wanted to share with you a few pics on my latest roof top video shoot for OFF On The Roof. The video is now online too, you can watch it here :)

I have many exciting plans for the week-end, notably a river side pic-nick, a new hair cut and a clothing swap. The weather promises to be warm and sunny plus I just realized it's a long week-end here in Canada so I'm doubly enthusiastic!
Do you have any special plans for this week-end?

I hope you have a good one!


  1. That looks amazing! I loved watching some the last video that you posted here! It kinda reminded me of balconytv - have you seen it?
    Have a wonderful weekend - it sounds like it will be a blast!

  2. Looks so much fun! and these pictures are gorgeous! Love the first one with you jumping!

  3. Nothing I love better than jumping and red jeans! The video's pretty sweet too!

  4. This is amazing and looks like it was so much fun! Love those red pants :)

  5. Fun! Especially with the red jeans...I want red jeans! Those are the perfect color.

  6. Wow, great pictures! Looks like so much fun and I love your red pants.

  7. rad fun times! i love getting glimpses behind the scenes through you Virginie. you always share the best of the best. and are the prettiest jump-jumper ever! ♥


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