About Being Ourselves

dress, heels, scarf worn as a belt and heart shaped bracelet: H&M (bought at different times throughout the years...) / pinwheel: gift
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be yourself and why we are aloud to be anything we want to be (as long as it's positive and respectful of others). Self acceptance has been a long journey for me and I'm so grateful that as I grow older I am now in a place where I can just be at peace with who I am, and maybe be a little proud too of the path I have taken.

When I first discovered the world of personal style blogs, I was so happy to find bloggers of all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Variety is SO inspiring! In a world where we are more than ever bombarded with ready made images that have for sole purpose to make us buy more stuff, I was so happy to find real girls I could relate too. And their energy was just palpable through the screen.

I love looking at life with the enthusiasm of a child and I find beauty in everything. This is me. I walk around with props that make me smile (this pinwheel fro example). I love everything colorful and I wear bows on my head if I feel like. For real. If you cross me in the street: this is how I look. Maybe not the stereotype of a married women who completed a Master's degree (in gender studies no less) and produces movies. But I'd rather look like how I feel and express myself than be put in a box. And surprisingly it works pretty well for my career (heck, I've attended business meetings in this dress and even shot a roof top video in it...).

I think stimulating the imagination is never going to be out of style. Neither is feeling empowered. At the end, it's all about the energy it creates. You have to live, and dress, from the heart of you. Being yourself is a feeling that is unconsciously perceived by others and makes you shine. So shine on!
For more food for thought on the subject I recommend reading Elizabeth's inspiring post on her blog Delightfully Tacky about individuality. You should also check out Rosel's post about fashion blogging, it was very interesting and sparked a great conversation!

Have a great day everyone and see you soon!



  1. Very cuteeeeeeeeee :D Love it!

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. The pinwheel is me favorite part! Isn't great that as we grow up we find out who we are and what we want to portray/bring to the world? I for one am super excited about the future and the process of evolution that will continue as I keep growing. Great post!

  3. Its an interesting thought, that you shall continue be who you are. I am having the same discussion with an other blogger atm, that you should really just enjoy your life, as you are yourself.

    Btw, that pinwheel is so cute. I want one now!

  4. Great blog post, full of positivity, sunshine and colour. Brightened my day. Thanks! xo

  5. Love that dress on you, so gorgeous! And best of all, love that you added where you got the pinweel, funny !

    I'm gonna go read those posts you suggested but I definitely think that as I grow older, I have better confidence in myself and care less about what others are gonna think of my style, or if it follows trends.

  6. I love the joyful spirit in these photos - it's been quite some time since I held a pinwheel, but you're inspiring me to look for one this summer!

    I always think I am continuously on the quest of "being" and never quite "am" - of course, there are changes that happen, but I see every day as a negotiation between myself and the forces around me. But it certainly becomes easier as we get older!


  7. Virginie! You shine SO BRIGHTLY! You are an amazing and inspiring woman...and I just adore your outlook on life and style and being YOURSELF! You are just too fabulous for words. :)

    Your philosophy makes me happy. :D Big smiles. & of course, you look beautiful!

  8. I love your post! Also the dress and the cobalt blue.. xo Enjoy your day shinning on! :)

  9. awesome idea for using the scarf as a belt! :)


  10. All of these colors are so bright and happy :D I Have the same shoes from H&M but in Cognac. I'm too much of a wimo to have bought them in an amazing color like that. Thanks for the inspiration too :) I definitely agree about the presence of variety in style blogging.

  11. I'm really digging your color palette in this outfit. Your words are so sweet and encouragingv :)

  12. Lovely post, Virginie and your bright outfit looks so cute on you.

  13. Finally an interesting post!!!Thanks for sharing and love,love,love your dress!

  14. This is the sweetest post! I love all kinds of childish things and won't give them up. I especially like rereading books meant for kids and young adults. And it's so cool that you included the pinwheel as part of this outfit! My good friend Natasha who's getting married on Sunday created pinwheel centerpieces for her wedding, and for her invitations she drew little cartoons of herself and her husband-to-be holding pinwheels. (She is an animator and works for South Park right now.) So...I have been seeing lots of pinwheels lately, and I think they are so cute and expressive!

  15. Virginie, you wrote that so well girl! it makes perfect sense to me that this has been on your mind. you've had a very big year of change and directional symmetry shifts. i think with that comes a lot of self discovery, in depth thoughts and powerful affirmations.

    you've DONE IT and are DOING IT. you should be so proud of yourself and everything you've accomplished. it's only the beginning love, much more....much more!

    you always make me smile each time i visit and that pinwheel prop, um - so darling!!!! childisms should never be let go of, cheers to keeping the spirit alive throughout the years. xo ♥


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