Date Night

A few months ago, I wore this dress and husband told me I looked like a kindergarden kid in art class. I thought: "That's not exactly the look I'm going for." Then I put this dress at the back of my closet.

Fast forward a few months. I stumble upon it in my wardrobe and I am seduced by the color and the loose fitted cut. So I decide to give it another go and wear it for date night thinking husband will have forgotten all about it (I was right). This time I styled it with my favorite pair of platform shoes, a pretty coffee coloured vintage slip and a big bow. Husband says: "Aïe karamba!"
smock dress : Urban Outfitter Winter sale / slip: vintage thrifted / scarf worn as a hair bow: thrifted / Whole Lot Of Sole plateforms: ModCloth

Which proves two things: I shouldn't always listen to husband. And it's the details that matter.

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  1. AND you're participating in today's EBEW lace day without even trying! How cool are you???

  2. thanks for the sweet comment you left on my page.

    I love your look here...occasionally my family tells me I dress like a french baby, I take it as the highest compliment!


  3. You look so lovely and graceful in this outfit! You really pull off the loose dress well. The colors of the scarf and slip also play off the color of the dress beautifully.

  4. Eek! I am in love with this look head to toe! Cute story..my hubby can be the exact same way..hehe. Gotta love it:). How did you tie your headscarf? I adore it!

  5. I'm with your hubby on this one--adorable! I love the smock-look, it's different, and what else really matters in this world of copycat fashions?

    Your hair is looking mighty nice, too!

  6. Hey and thanks for your best luck wishes for me and my husband. :)

    I got to say that your bow was the first thing that catched my eye, as I love strong colours. But you have mixed it quite well with other clothes, it has not taken over the outfit.

  7. Lovely outfit, great great shoes!

  8. glad that you dint listen to ur husband!you look very pretty in this dress..♥ ur heels!
    we should follow each other!leave a comment after you follow & il def. follow back

  9. I love love that, specially the scarf :-)))you've got style sweet daughter of mine...

    Maman qui t'aime

  10. Absolutely stunning! Love everything about these photos!
    I just tried out wearing a headscarf as well. Felt pretty odd..loove yours though!

  11. Really loving this dress, especially the back seam and the color! The little lace peeking out from beneath is a great touch! Loving the blog :) Follow each other?


  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yay for remixing! I still have to post all my pieces I chose though.

    yeah, husband's don't always get it right. you look super here!

    Wanderlusting Fool

  13. Husbands are well meaning, but sometimes they can be so wrong. This looks wonderful, I love the shoes! It can be all about the coordination pairings to make the difference.

  14. You are SO adorable! LOVE the shoes, and I have been searching for a cute slip to wear under dresses just like yours. Now I absolutely HAVE to get one!
    Who did your photos for you?

  15. ha! I love that story. It is all in the styling, isn't? And sometimes it is nice to put something away for a while so that the next time you pull it out, you have a new way of looking at it.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  16. such a adorable outfit, you look so pretty! :) I hyped this look on lookbook for ya ;0 btw I just noticed your from Quebec! yay Canadian bloggers unite! :)


  17. Thanks for the outfit love!

    The shoes are from ModCloth and surprisingly comfortable.

    The slip cost 1$ at Goodwill.

    And Kate, I take most of my own pictures with a tripod and a timer. When a friend or my husband helps, I state it in the post :)

  18. I'm LOVING this. I can see how, if styled wrong, the dress could look exactly like what your husband said. But you definitely have done it right. And the the bold colors of the scarf and dress compliment the soft color of the slip so good. Gorgeous!


  19. Definitely carramba! I think this combination is winning! And I love smock dresses; we can't be looking grown up and businessy all the time. Love the scarf too, Virginie!

  20. Very artful styling. Original. I like it. I hope you will check out my blog at http://www.danielleceleste.me. I'm a designer.


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