Yesterday According to My Camera

*This is what my pre vacation day looked like according to my Nikon Coolpix*
I started the day with early e-mails in my home office. Then I met up with Sophie. She's into skateboarding these days.
 We went to the thrift store to look for beach shorts for Ramiro, yet left the store with pink mini shorts for Sophie ...
Then I went back home to work. I moved from the dark home office to the sunny dining room.
A little later I started packing for our trip.
I received the bathing suit I had ordered. My first one piece in like 11 years! It's absolutely perfect.
I took some time to enjoy life and went to the lake. It was so nice.
I marveled on the beauty of life and meditated on my many blessings.
Then it was back home for a snack and some work.
Around supper time I went into phase 2 of packing for our trip.
And then I had a little library date with my beau.
I picked out some music for our trip... Can't wait!
Then I cough up on blogging and called it a day!

I hope you had an awesome day too :)


  1. Cute post! I'm especially smitten with that swimsuit! (I really need to buy a vintage-inspired suit for an upcoming vacation. Just looking for the perfect one.) Have fun on your trip!

  2. awh, looks like you had an amazing day ^^ that bathingsuit is absolutely adorable! ^^ x

  3. Thanks guys!

    The bathing suit is from Forever 21 and fits so so nicely (it has the prettiest open back too!). For 27$ I'd says that's a good deal!

  4. That looks like such a lovely vacation and i adore the photography. gives us a close up glimpse into your trip. that bathing suit is fantastic! i can't wear one pieces but i wish i could since the new retro styles are amazing!

  5. what a great day! i love the pictures...and i especially love that swimsuit. i recognize F21 packaging anywhere, so i might have to check out their website for one of my own!

  6. True story!

    Please have the nicest vacation you two. xox


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