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vintage suede skirt, necklace, purse and t-shirt : thrifted! / sandals: Spring / sunglasses: ModCloth
I was so happy with the positive response to my posts about thrifting, I really wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone that commented or e-mailed me. Thrifting rocks and you my friends are awesome!

Even though I have just recently started thrifting I already discovered a few rookies mistake not to make and got a little strategy down. And so I really wanted to share some basic tips with you and inspire you to start thrifting if you don't already.

My thrift shopping reality looks like this: the 3 Value Village (kind of like Goodwill) that are in my area and a few garage sales. Nothing more complicated than that! You don't need more to start thrifting :)

My goals when I go shopping is always to find inspiring items, make a good deal and keep it as time efficient as possible. That's why I am currently going by these guidelines:

♥  Know what you are looking for. Thrift stores carry more variety of clothes than a regular store and it can be intimidating at first. Write down a list of items you would like to purchase to make your closet work even better*. This list should be a long term plan (chances are you won't find everything in one shopping trip). I make sure my list consists of pieces that can easily be remixed (my personal rule is an item need to go with 5 outfits to be worth purchasing).

♥  Set a budget. Finding amazing items at the thrift store can be very exciting at first and give you a little high. Which might make you want to buy everything! So I advise you to go in cool headed and have a maximal amount of money you plan on spending. Weither it's 7$ or 40$, it will help you stay on track without letting your emotions get in the way.

♥  Don't be afraid to try on a lot of things. Grab a basket and fill it up with colors and textures that inspire you, then head to the dressing room! You might need to try on 7 burnt orange silky top before you find the perfect one (for 2$ no less!). Not being afraid to try things on also means trying a variety of sizes and shapes and not letting labels dictate what fits us.

♥  Look outside of your specific section. I think this is like the #1 rule for a successful thrifting trip and the first any thrifter would share. What you are looking for might be in the man's section or in the plus sizes. Think outside the box and venture everywhere in the store! I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.
*I think that shopping in general is probably easier when you have an organized closet and know what you own. It helps you stay steer clear of over consuming (which isn't good for your budget or the environment!) and hoarding. For great tips on making your closet work for you, check out Kendi's series!

There is much more I want to share about thrifting, more tips and strategies as well as fabulous reasons to thrift!

In the mean time I would say mostly: be creative and have fun! 

Somehow that applies to thrifting and life too ;)

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  1. lovely outfit, gorgeous colors!

    i'm your big fan :)

    would you take a minute to visit my blog and follow if you like?


  2. i can't beleive all your pieces are thifted! everything looks so trendy and fashionable, you look amazing. I'm hopefully going thrifting this weekend :)


  3. The point about shopping outside your section is sooooo true!!!! That is def one of the best pieces of advice ever for thrift shopping.

  4. I have a hard time sticking to a budget, but the better I know my closet the easier it is-

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  5. I love, love that skirt!! I'm going to have to give thrifting a try after the 30 for 30 is over!

  6. Dude, that skirt... <3 and awesome tips! I find myself doing that stuff when I go thrifting too :) it's way too much fun!

  7. First up, you are killing this outfit!!! Girl you look fantastic, i absolutely adore that skirt!!

    Second - love your thrifting tips!!! I still feel like such a novice, even though i've technically been thrifting for years - so it's always nice to get some good tips. I hate to say this - but i honestly never thought of looking outside my own section... shame on me!

  8. Fabulous tips and outfit! The colors are so vibrant, and you're wearing one of my favorite combinations: a pencil skirt and tee. The shoes look great with this too!

  9. wow, great tips! thank you for sharing! Now I can only hope they open up any thriftstores around here... I saved your post ^^ x

  10. Hi Virginie,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment


    Continue being awesome!

    I'll be checking back here :)

    btw do you speak French ?
    I live in Geneva and speak fluent French and would love to have a bi-lingual blog

  11. Love the vibrant color of this blue skirt! - Katy

  12. Great tips, altho I tend to go in without a specific item in mind, I like to just nosy and find something original. Love your skirt, I found an identical one in black while thrifting last year and wear it constantly on nights out - £2 well spent! :)

  13. Seriously girls, I'm in LOVE with this outfit!!!

  14. This is such an adorable outfit. I love your playful color palette. I too make a list of what I'm looking for...definitely helps a ton but I do want to try venturing out of my usual aisles. Perhaps I'll find more little treasures. Thanks for the tip darling!

  15. I love the colors in this outfit! The necklace is an unexpected addition to the outfit and it works perfectly.

    Thanks for the thrifting tips!

  16. Great Tips. i love this whole outfit also!! That blue and pink is perfection.Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly, hope to see you there this week also :)

  17. Tres francaise et classique

  18. I am definitely guilty of buying tons of clothes I didn't need at thrift stores just because they were $1 or $2! I'm trying to get better about that, and I do have a list now of items that I know for sure would improve the quality of my closet.


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