Over The Week-End

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I was spending the week-end in Maine with my husband. My fantasy week-end would have been warm, sunny and romantic. I envisioned long long days on the beach and endless walks by the sea. In reality it was super cold and crazy rainy! But romantic nonetheless. We are ones for taking life's lemons and making them into lemonade!

How was your week-end?


  1. Bad weather on your holiday is a bummer. But good for cuddling, at least! These are some beautifully framed shots, as I would expect!

  2. Seems like it has been raining all over the world this week-end. But here in Sweden we have a saying that roughly translated to english becoems "It is no bad weather. Just bad clothes". Little rain can't stop you from having a good time. :)

  3. Ah - Maine growing up in New England we spent some summers there but- at lake Sebago : ) The coast can be cold and grey. But it does look like you enjoyed your time there : )
    By the way have you sen the Movie Submarine?

  4. That little movie theater looks awesome! Did you see the movie there?

  5. I wish some of my photos from the weekend looked halfway as fun as yours. Instead, they were complete with fluorescent lights and headaches. Yay work! :)

  6. That movie theater looks so adorable. Maine seems like such a magical place to me, even in bad weather.


  7. Yes Alison we did watch a movie there (Super-8) and there was no heat (it's only open in the Summer) so we had to make blankets of our jackets... Kind of felt like at the Cine-Parc!

  8. my weekend was pretty awesome<3
    movies, date and friends!

    these pictures are amazing!! want to see that movie: Super 8, hope to go this weekend :)


  9. Pretty photos. The scenery looks beautiful even though the sky is grey.

    Marisa :)


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