The Beauty Around Us ♥

This week-end I went scouting for a special guest post video project I am working on. I went all over the most touristic places Québec city has to offer for inspiration and shot a few video tests. As always I was enormously attracted to the river and the mountains and kind of fell in love with my city all over again.
I took time to walk around as if I was a tourist on vacation and found a gorgeous spot to watch the sunset. It totally tricked my heart and soul into feeling like I was on a vacation for real. Sometimes strolling around and looking at things in a new perspective can be as exciting as discovering a new city all together. 
I strongly encourage you to put on your preverbal pink glasses and go explore your city as if it was the first time. You'll be amazed at the beauty that surrounds you I promise! And while you're at it, wear something cute and take a few pictures. It's the little things that build everyday happiness :)

Have a good one sweet readers!


Dress: Urban Outfitters
Scarf as a belt: thrifted
Flats: H&M
Shades: Urban Outfitters
Camera: Canon XHA1

Remix# 26

Photos: Sophie & me


  1. It looks beautiful there, you're so lucky getting to live in such a pretty place! Lovely dress too, stars, yay :D

  2. I'm a big fan of being a tourist in your own town, for real! And I love that star dress to bits!


  3. You are so right! Taking advantage of what your city has to offer makes all the difference. Whenever we're on vacation jack and I go to the museum (whatever city it is) which is something we don't make an effort to do here. Well this summer we went on a rainy Saturday and it really did feel as though we had gone on a vacation for the afternoon. Thank you for reminding me what a difference it can make!

  4. amazing shoot! love the light. you look adorable, the best color to match navy is yellow<3


  5. You live in such a gorgeous city! ♥

  6. I love Quebec city!! The old city especially. Such a gorgeous place just to wander and explore. I adore that dress too! stars are my fav.

  7. Love this dress! I did the same thing tonight, went a random walk around where I grew up with my school friends and ate ice cream and watched the sunset, great fun! :)

  8. On habite tellement une ville parfaite pour être touriste dans notre propre ville. Je fais cela tous les matins en me rendant au travail! Super post mon amie. xx

  9. beautiful city. I might take your advice and explore my city as if it's the first time. Really nice post you got here. Oh. I love the dress btw.

  10. Your soo pretty and I love your dress and the star print is just adorable. You take lovely photos! Btw, Im hosting a giveaway with a neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Hope you can drop by to join! - Mar

  11. you look so beautiful!

  12. I LOVE that dress. I remember seeing it one time in UO, but when I went back a couple weeks later (because I couldn't stop thinking about it) it was gone! But it really is lovely. And I love how you used the scarf as a belt. Ingenious!

    And those are some gorgeous shots you got of the city!


  13. I love playing tourist in my own city, it's so much fun, we have so many amazing places to see here in BC! And Montreal looks like it's a spectacular place, hubby and I are hoping to visit next summer. I'm smitten with your images, it truly looks like a special place. And your outfit is just perfection -of course!! I'm loving the polka dots + scarf worn as a belt. Beautiful. Hope your day is a fabulous one. xx veronika

  14. Thanks girls!

    I'm glad you like the Québec city scenery and that you love playing tourist in your own city too! Sometimes we feel the need to go around the world were i's perfectly inspiring where we live :)

    I got this dress on sale au UO, 15$! I just fell in love with the pattern and didn't think it would be practical and I have been wearing it a lot more than I had expected! It's perfect for Summer but is a good Holliday dress too (wore it for New Year's Eve!).

    Happy a good day y'all ♥


  15. I love your outfit! The little sleeves and the cool scarf as belt. Beautiful photos, being a tourist in your hometown is such a fun way to spend a weekend :D

  16. i love that, you went scouting for a guest post?! so cool, i am now anxiously anticipating the results when they are finished!!! i hear you too about pining for a vacay, i read your previous post about it too. obvs heavy on your mind. but getting out like that is surely something to take some of the pangs away. just breathing in the sea air would be ultra refreshing for sure.

    plink glasses is SO gonna be my new favorite term. xo ♥


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