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This time of the year is always one of reflection for me. Especially concerning my work life. It's kind of like back to school stays with you as an adult and gives you a feeling that September is a time to start a new year or chapter. A chance for a clean slate.

I'm excited about changing some of my work habits and attitudes and look forward to what the futur holds for me! I'm going to be sharing more soon as I'll be bringing back the Your The Boss Apple Sauce posts series! But for now I'm still transitioning, putting my bikinis away and getting into my business persona once again.
No matter what kind of business you work in, it's really important to have a work persona. This is the person you are when you meet important people, make deals, attend events, network or do public speaking. Yellow mini shorts and heart shaped glasses are fine to shoot videos on roof tops. They are not fine however to meet with potential investors. It's really important to create a business persona that looks serious yet still reveals your personality. I want my business persona's look to stimulate imagination and inspire. But I also want it to say : "stick with me, we'll have fun!". Cause seriously, we will.

How do you define your business persona? 

Dress: ModCloth
Bag: gift
Connector bow ring: F21
Shoes: Thrifted
Thights: Simons


  1. Love the color palette. Nice contrast with the background, as well :) You look so professional and feminine but with a flirty twist.


  2. wow, I hadn't read these before and I should have! You and I are pretty much in the same area of film freelancing only my husband and I are just leaving square one and you are at the point we want to be at.

    I especially like the tip about getting dressed each day. I've been building puppets for a short for the last few weeks, and as such have been in daggy clothes every day. Come to think of it, I have been in 'working from home' clothes for the last three months and it seems quite uninspiring. That will change today.

    Also, those networking tips were great. Both my Husband and I will benefit from these posts, at this early stage we need all the help we can get.

  3. I still think of August as the last month of the year too! I think it's because summer is my favorite time and I think of the whole year as building up to summer! I love your outfit and your photos are really wonderful!

  4. beautiful dress!


  5. ooh, Virginie this is such a gorgeous look. I'm SO loving the print on that dress & those shoes are sensational. We are just experiencing a bit of a heat wave (finally) here in Vancouver, so I'm happily in my bikini, but I can't wait for fall! It's a personal fave season of mine both for fashion & reflection. xx veronika

  6. Great look!
    Lovely bag <33


  7. That series was really interesting and useful. Looking for to see them here again.

    I have my own business persona as I am a part time politician and also working night despite being a student. On my nightjob, it is white/black dresscode, but I try to cheer the outfit up, wearing a fun headband or something like that. On my political work, I aim for a well dressed look with strong colours, but always mixed with black.

  8. It is always hard to start to let go of those free and easy summer pieces. I like this idea of being mature but expressing your personality in dressing for work. I'm such a disaster with work dressing, but then I've never been in a job that particularly inspired me (or paid me well enough) to change that. I just coasted by on my charm whenever possible. ; D

  9. I'm lucky enough in my freelancing job to not have had to meet with clients in person (so far), but if I were to, this outfit would be a great inspiration. Looks polished but also very pretty.

  10. No kidding, man! Business persona is such a funny concept. You want to be yourself, without being TOO much of yourself, haha!

    By the looks of your sweet ensemble, I know I'd invest! :)

  11. i know exactly what you mean about this time of year Virginie. i still hold that old school vibe about it too. super excited about the return of "your the boss" series!!!! i loved that feature total. i think you've got every angle covered lades, from field frolicks in minis, to rooftops with winds blowing and then all the way up to the powers that be of biz networking. you're one cool gal and i know you'll be successful with everything you touch!

    um, gorgeous ensemble to go with the theme today...je love!! xoox ♥

  12. What a lovely outfit, Virginie. I love how it's creative and professional at the same time. That's what I strive for, too - it can be hard to achieve so well done for rocking it so beautifully.

  13. Thanks everybody for the nice comments!

    I'm glad you feel like me the grown up back to school syndrome!

    Brooke being in our field can be SO challenging, but movie making is the most amazing thing in the world! I think a lot of freelancers in all fields tend to work in their pyjamas and I has a great impact on your mind for sure. I think when we are our own boss we have to kick our little butts and get dressed in the morning as we would if we had to go to the office! It's a great way to self motivate :)

    Virginie’s Cinema ♥


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