Style Inspiration // Anna Karina ♥

One of my major inspirations for my Fall style mood board is the beautiful Anna Karina.
Anna Karina is Danish model turned actress who moved to France where in the 1960's she became Jean-Luc Godard's muse and a irrefutable icon of the French New Wave. She is also known for her work as a screenwriter and director and has inspired girls around the world with her feminine yet quirky style 
I adore the make up and the hair of her 1960's style SO much. I am loving the plaid and textured tops, the knee length skirts and school girl innocence of her look, which will creep into my Fall style for sure.
If you aren't familiar with Anna's work I recommend watching Band of Outsiders (a huge classic of the French New Wave and such a great great film) 

Images sources: annakarina.org


  1. Oh I agree, she's stunning and this 60s style was SO adorable <3

  2. oh my! I've never heard of her before but what a beauty! such great choices for fall too! can't wait to track down that movie!

  3. I love her in any Gorard's film!

  4. Anna Karina is also one of my inspirations. I wore my hair in a style inspired by her character Nana in "My Life to Live" for a while. (which is the film I recommend seeing of Godard's/that features Anna).


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