Happy Week-End ♥

Today was magical because Ramiro came home early from work unexpectedly and said: "grab your bikini, we are going swimming!".

He decided to take me to his secret spot, a pristine lake in the middle of a natural reserve about an hour from home. There was nobody there and we were in the middle of nowhere! It was exactly what this heat wave was calling for and we had such a great time swimming! It was pretty much my dream scenario and definitely the best way to spend a Summer afternoon.
What's your favorite way of beating the heat wave?

I'll be sharing more pics of the secret spot adventure tomorrow in a special post tomorrow! I LOVE Summer!!! 

Have a great week-end!


ps: my mom says showing belly skin in at the beach is ok...


  1. Oh how fun!!! A secret swimming spot. It's nice to have a place away from the crowds. I hope to get out of the city this weekend to enjoy some summer weather.

  2. Um lady you look gorgeous in that swim suit! I love the way you animated these images, too.

  3. very nice, hope you had fun :)


  4. awww thats such a nice surprise!

  5. I love your P.S. :-)))beautiful pictures...maman qui t'aime

  6. This looks like a basically unbeatable way of beating the heat! I love swimming in fresh water lakes... you come out feeling so much cleaner than when swimming in the ocean!

  7. Aw, I wish I lived near a beautiful beach such as this one! You're so lucky!

  8. omgeeeeeeee another cooltastic gif assortment to enjoy! Virginie, you knock me out and not just because you are bikini buff and so damn fine (which you totally are!) but also the way you and Ramiro take life in this way. secret spots like that are pure magic; as are you both. xoox ♥


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