5 Reasons Thrifting Is Fabulous ♥

As you know, I have recently become a fan of thrift shopping. It's just fabulous! Here are some of the many many reasons why:
You can find noble materials at an accessible price! In this outfit, the skirt is suede and the top is a blend containing merino wool. Two fabrics that would come at a premium price tag in a regular store (and I got both for less than 10$)!

It unleashes your style creativity. When you walk into a regular store, already styled outfits are proposed on mannequins. You see them, your friends see them, your work colleagues see them, the whole town sees them. And you all end up looking a little too similar for your tastes. At the thrift store: no kind of merchandising is trying to influence your purchase, so you get to create a unique style just for you that no one else will be wearing!

♥ It's ecological! Thrifting is actually recycling (oooooooh!!!) and you are not putting a new item on the market (which would most likely be put together in another country and then flown all the way to the store in way to much plastic wrapping). Aka: it reduces it's foot print. Be green, be good, be glam! (I'm quoting my friend Elisabeth on this one).

Your clothes have a history. They were part of other people's lives, went on adventures with them, were worn on special times and might have traveled all over the world. I love that! Of course you should wash all garments before wearing (which I would advise even if you buy new garments in a regular store though...). It they are a delicate materials, befriend your closest dry cleaner.

You can dare something new without breaking the bank. You can dare try something bold when it only costs you 5$. It might be fabulous and start a trend amongst your friends (you know it!). Or it might not be exactly right for you, but then at least you got creative (which is always good), looked beyond your own perspective and it only cost you 5$. (You only need to buy a 200$ extravagant garment that doesn't work for you once to learn this one, trust me!)
Needless to say: this rainy day outfit is mostly thrifted (except the tights and bangles) and I love it! Now if only Summer could stick around my hood a little longer and I didn't have to wear merino wool in August...

If you are a new thrifter you should check out these useful tips !

Have magical day everyone!


Skirt & rain boots: vintage, thrifted
Shirt: thrifted
Tights: Simons
Bangles: Aldo
Umbrella: husband's

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  1. what nice post and such a great message, love the umbrella pictures, so girly and cute!

  2. Love it. :) This really got me motivated to thrift more. I'm terrible at it. Love your outfit too! That sweater is dreamy!

  3. It IS pretty fabulous, isn't it!

  4. I love the 'history' one. I frequently try on a dress at a thrift store and wonder why/who bought it first. Especially when I find things that are homemade.

  5. Oh yeah, I love home made find too! To think of the time and love that was put into it :)

  6. so true! i especially love the part about how it unleashes creativity to style your own outfits. i love wearing something NOBODY else in town has. i think it's so special.

  7. Cut little number! Great reasons to thrift also. I have tried so many times and I don't ever find anything that works. I keep trying though.

  8. I love that you mentioned discovering in your imagination the history behind thrifted (or antique) pieces.
    Whenever something catches my eye while thrifting or antiquing I try to create a backstory, and imagine the history and the people who owned it before.
    It is so intriguing and really a gift to be able to do that!

    Thrifting where I live is terrible so I am not able to find anything very often but recently I found two adorable dresses that are begging for an outfit post! One of which is almost done being refashioned and I can't wait to share!

  9. Love this, that's exactly why I thrift! Also really loving your tights, great colour! :)

  10. These are all of the reasons I love thrifting as well! I am a bit addicted to thrifting now. But there is nothing better than finding the perfect piece of clothing buried deep on racks of clothes. You are looking lovely! The umbrella is just a gem. xx

  11. i could not agree more with all those points! I adore the tights and the boots!

  12. I love the mod look, those tights really make it. Thanks for your sweet comments! I totally agree about the you reasons thrifting is great. One of my favourites is how much history second hand clothing has. Makes it so much more meaningful.

  13. oh, this outft is a stunner! I love red tights, and it looks just like a dream on you :D ♥

  14. I die for the rain boots. I DIE!

    They are so perfect. These pics are perfectly vintage...look like they came right out of a 60's fashion mag. LOVE IT!

  15. So true! I love thrifting, it's fun to have outfits that no one else has!

  16. Um could you be anymore fab! Thanks for linking up girl!

  17. Love the vibrant red tights! :) Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly!!


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