My Humps ♥

"In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves." - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Today's mantra is: embrace your curves! Actually embrace your body, period. And especially embrace the parts that make you feel a little insecure.

Aren't we all sometimes tempted to compare ourselves to other girls? They might be taller, skinnier, blonder (sigh). But honestly at this point and time in our lives we should stand up for our body and embrace the way it is uniquely beautiful. I say let's spend less time being self conscious and more time living from the heart of us and following our dreams.

And so to you my friend I want to say: you are beautiful! And not only on the outside, so you're really quite something!
I feel so silly that at my age I still have those concerns... and I decided it's time to let it go!

And so I pledge that this all stops now! Self acceptance starts today and will last forever.

What do you say: self acceptance, you in?



Lacy top and black cami: H&M
Leather belt: vintage
Leather purse: vintage 
Flared jeans: so so old (they went out and back in style at least twice since I've had them...)
Sandals: Old Navy
Pendant: Swarovski


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you! I need this.

  2. All so true :) Great positive words, and you look gorgeous. I love your lace top! x

  3. you are so cute - love the teal belt and the lace top!!

  4. I am so in. What a lovely post and gorgeous photos of you.

  5. this post is such an inspiration! i love this bright teal belt you've got on!

  6. I could not agree more!!!! I love your message and this outfit! I think that the best thing to remember is that everyone is insecure about something, so that just makes everyone the same :)
    (and in my book - that makes us all awesome!)

  7. I hear ya! One of the best things about being 30 as opposed to 20 is I am able to embrace the body I have and let go of ideas of unattainable "perfection"
    You look marvelous!

  8. This is a wonderful sentiment. And your photos are beautiful. This outfit is so simple but it looks lovely on you!

  9. VA VA VOOM, Virginie! Truer words have never been spoken. ;)

    I am taking your advice and embracing my CURVES!

    LOVE the outfit...and your hair looks super cute!


  10. Very very very pretty!!!


  11. found you through your guest post on Emily's blog :) I loved your yellow belt in that post and love this one as well!

  12. Yup, although I find I'm a lot better at this age than I was before...but there are always some insecurities to overcome! You look smashing here!

  13. So true, I went years feeling extremely bad about myself, especially my hair has in focus. I still don't like it but I have atleast excepted how I look. Guess it's still some way to go.

  14. More girls should think like you! you are an inspiration to all of us :) thank you for this post, and you look BEAUTIFUL by the way! I really love this lace top :) x

  15. Before I even noticed the name or text of this post I saw your first pics and thought how fantastic you looked. Curves should always be embraced.


  16. Love your jeans! I have jeans like that too, they're the only thing I really hang on to until they fall apart :)

  17. Good plan, lady. We all need to get a little perspective sometimes...it's hard when you read a lot of fashion blogs, though...You look amazing in this outfit!

  18. oh, I love this post ♥ and I have to say: WOW! your figure - to D.I.E. for! *-*

  19. Absolutely in love with this look! Those jeans look amazing on you!

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  20. Great post, cause we all have those concerns (even at this age). Love your lace top knotted, very clever! Have a wonderful weekend :D

  21. I loooooveeeeeeeee the outfit :D

  22. Oh my gosh, one of my favorite outfits of yours yet!!

  23. you're really beautiful, you know that? :)


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