Teenage Dreams ♥

I am not really one to get celebrity crushes; I never swooned over Brad Pitt or Matt Damon and to me Harvey Weinstein is the most exciting of celebrity sightings. I did have a cinema newbie crush on Robert Rodriguez a few years ago, but as hot as he is, I just don't dig his movies that much anymore. I can't just crush on prettiness, I need a little substance too.

There is one man however that makes this young girl's heart skip a beat and just makes me daydream for hours: French actor Jean Dujardin. Sighhhhhh! Have you seen 99 Francs? Oh you must! Such a great movie!

Jean is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his latest movie and the geographical proximity is all I needed to have him on my mind. A lot! So much so that last night I dreamt that I wrote a script for him that was being produced. And when we met on set he fell hopelessly in love with me. And this was happening on the beach. Best. Dream. Ever!
So today's outfit wasn't inspired by the latest trend or even Fashion Week. It was inspired by Jean Dujardin, my teenage dream! Sweet and innocent, but a little sassy!

S W O O N !

Have a great Friday everyone! Take time to daydream a little won't cha!


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Skirt: H&M (shop similar)
Lacy top: H&M (shop similar)
Shoes: ModCloth
Socks: Simons (shop similar)


  1. Haha so cute ;)

    And your hair looks a-ma-zing btw! Happy weekend X

  2. Such a cute outfit and even if it wasn't styled after the latest trends, it's still incredibly fashionable. :) I'm not sure who Jean Dujardin is, but if he inspired a whole outfit, I guess it's about time I learned who he is. haha!

  3. This skirt is so great, the socks are a fantastic touch.
    I have a 'director crush' on Jean-Pierre Jeunet ever since we saw City of Lost Children.
    Boyfriend has been wanting to see OSS117 for a while. We might have to give it a try.

  4. OSS117 is not the best movie, although it's still funny!

    I totally get the Jeunet crush :)

  5. You look beautiful! such shiny hair, great skirt and love the socks and shoes! Jean Dujardin is hot. very hot. xo

  6. ooo he is super cute (i imdb's him)! My biggest swoon is Robert Downey Jr. ever since Iron Man... so rugged and handsome.

  7. I love that skirt, especially paired with the socks - a little slice of summer, viewed from a very grey and autumnal London... *sigh* You look gorgeous, as always x

    Cat xxx

  8. what fun shoes!!! that skirt is so flirty and fun, too. :)

  9. He certainly has some beautiful soulful eyes (though I think you're pretty blessed in the hot husband department)!

    I like that flippy little skirt, tres risqué!

  10. Can you get any cuter??? I think not! XXOO

  11. love your skirt :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  12. nice outfit, the combination with the shoes and socks is amazing

    hajar & Mounia

  13. Aaah Jean Dujardin, je l'aime beaucoup lui !
    Très joli ce look :) !

  14. oh, I can see why you like him so much, haha ^^ I should see the movie! You look incredibly cute in this outfit :) If he were to meet you, on a beach, i'm sure your dream could come true ^^ x

  15. oh, I just love twirly skirts ^_^
    I really like how you paired it with the thigh highs...I love thigh highs but I never really can figure out what to wear with them.


  16. you're so cute, girl! :)

    xox, eden

  17. This outfit is definitely one of the cutest I've ever seen! You look darling! You have yourself a new follower.

    Carmen Ri.

  18. i get you girl, a substance crush is where it's at in my books too! hmmm, this fella sounds like something rather special. must check him out further!

    you've once again given me thrills with your take on a teenage dream. lookin' lovely Virginie! ♥

  19. Mmmm he is totally drool worthy! And you are so good at combining sexy and cute, again!

  20. I love this outfit! I adore your looks and how well you put together an outfit!

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