The Red Carpet ♥

As I told you earlier, this week I walked the rouge carpet for the opening of a new Québec city movie festival. It wasn't my first time walking the red carpet but it was my first time having my name called out by photographers, ha ha, made me so shy!

Ramiro had asked me if he should shave and wear something nice for the event and I said: "Nah, you are gorgeous like this". I think I should stop giving him red carpet style advice, as I see him through the eyes of love. I mean this man walked around Cannes, the most glamorous place on earth, in joggings and I still thought he was the hottest. Oh well!
The beautiful cast of opening movie Café de Flore
These pictures were taken by the über talented Maryon Desjardins, which is fast becoming my favorite Québec city photographer! I have known her for a few years and it's so inspiring to see her develop so gracefully as an artist. I love her untraditional take on the red carpet and think these pictures are really rad.

Have a great Friday everyone!



  1. Thank you! I got it From Modcloth a few years ago ♥

  2. You look stunning! This must have been so exciting =D

  3. Your hair and outfit are gorgeous!
    It looks like a blast!!!

  4. You looked fantastic! Must be such a fun experience as well :D x

  5. Wow that looks like a super fun experience, and you guys look great!

  6. Congratulations! So exciting! The dress is beautiful and you both look precious.

  7. Congrats, looks like an amazing night & agreed those photos are lovely. I too am digging the more untraditional take on these red carpet photos. Also, the dress is gorgeous, happy weekend. ♥ veronika

  8. fantastic shots! so glad Ramiro kept his scruff for the gala, i always ask Sean not to shave too. love the ruff-tuff-ness of it. i think he looks great...even if the joggings may have received some sideways glances. a truly chic person exudes coolness under any circumstance and he sure does here!

    you, yes YOU are blowing my eye sockets out with that heavenly dress and vintage feel. le sigh! xoox ♥

  9. Thanks everyone, it was lots of fun!


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