The Little Things ♥

September is a busy time for all of us and even though I spent the holiday week-end working, I wanted to take time to marvel on the little things that made this week-end special. It is the little things that build our happiness!!
A little gift from Chanel and some inspiring reading.
A glittery craft project.
Some down time and a sunny day.
Home made fajitas (and an Entourage marathon).
Testing out my photography skills with my new love interest ( I  it!).

I hope there were lots of little things that made your long week-end special too!



  1. That camera is awesome and homemade fajitas sound fantastic. And Entourage just makes it even better.

  2. Yay for the new camera! The little things in life are definitely the ones worth celebrating!!

    Hope you had a great long weekend :)

  3. new cams are the best - and i'm thinking to indulge in some chanel nailpolish this fall!


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