Fright Night Date Night ♥

No matter how hectic our schedules can get, it's always so important to make time in our lives to nurture our relationships. Sometimes Ramiro and I only get together by late night and then it's too late for traditional date activities. So last week we made a new tradition up that is perfect for October: Fright Night Date Night!! It's SO much fun, you have to try it.

How it works is: you do activities you would usually do in the afternoon but late at night, when it's dark and creepy. We dressed warmly and headed to our favorite place, Île d'Orléans, where we climbed up the observation tower and watched the stars, took a stroll by the river, hung out by the church where we got married and took pictures of us as ghosts. In the dark of the night, all this seemed so scary! The whole time I kept getting goosebumps and hallucinating apparitions (oh the power of the mind). That's how I discovered that cuddling your man to feel safer is pretty romantic in a way.
I'm always a fan of seeing things in a new way and this date decidedly delivered!  I think you definitely need to try it! Might even be cool with kids if a little earlier in the night. A great way to put yourself in the Halloween spirit (that and scarttering mini pumpkins all over the house, I am a fan of both)!
I hope you have fun and try a new activity this week-end!

Let's be adventurous!


Shop this ghostly look!
Dress: Forever 21 (no longer available but you can get a similar one here)
Sweater: gift (similar online)
Tights: Simons (similar)
Boots: Vintage (buy new)


  1. I hope you guys like this date idea as much as I do!

  2. Great idea! These photos are so neat, and your cozy ensemble is adorable. You always make me want to visit Québec with your local adventure posts!

  3. This is a great idea, the boy and I have very different schedules sometimes we really struggle to get in 'us' time. your photos are a lot of fun.

  4. Excellent idea! V appropriate outfit too, loving the jumper! :)

  5. ooh this is so spooky, but i love it!
    cute sweater.

    kaitlin xo

  6. love this date night idea! very cute! and awesome photos!

  7. love this ! have a good evening.

  8. Whoa...I love the photos...creepy and sweet:) Sounds like such a fun idea. You look cozy and adorable!

  9. Such a fun idea for date nights! Looking at all of your recent post has me so excited for fall weather and clothing. I can't wait for it to get cool enough to wear colored tights! Love you style and your blog, you're so gorgeous! I'm following, Hope you can stop by mine soon :)

    xo erica

  10. I really like your outfit girl! I like how these pictures are really cute but a little spooky at the same time too!


  11. what a wonderful idea! I love how the photos turned out!


  12. How cute are you guys?! Love the outfit :)

  13. Hey, I make a giveaway on my blog, do you want participate ? A lovely pair of blue earrings as a gift !

    xx, see you soon !



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