Fall Scenery ♥

It's so hard to not be completely and utterly inspired by the Fall scenery these days! Even the city is made pretty by the little leaves and the overgrown oat. I love the use of such a country associated element in the city landscape and I have to say: it's one of my favorites! The soft colour and texture has been inspiring me a lot, so much so that I have been saying for months that my preferred colour this winter is going to be oat cream. So that I have the memory in my heart of oat dancing around freely in the brisk Fall air. Sounds nice doesn't it?
I was thinking of modifying this fur collar I thrifted for my friend Elisabeth's wedding this upcoming week-end and now I'm hesitant. I was inspired to do something like this. What do you say: should I up cycle it or leave it as is? 

I haven't been this excited about a wedding since my own. Can't wait!


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Crochet vest: F21 2010 (similar)
Fur collar: thrifted (buy new)
Silk oversized shirt: thrifted (buy new)
Shoes: H&M 2010 (similar)
Necklace: UO
Accessory glasses: UO (similar)
Nail colour: Chanel in Paradoxe
Ring: H&M from 9 years ago before H&M was in America and I lived in Paris!


  1. leave it! I love it the way it is. :) You look super cute!

  2. OMG! This is such a beautiful outfit!! I am in love with your blouse and vest... oh and your shoes too!!!

    xoxo Denise


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  3. You are beautiful and your blog is beautiful! Love that outfit on you. And I am especially fond of your glasses! They're awesome!

  4. Your blog is adorable!! Absolutely loving it & following you now! I love this outfit & the photos are so pretty - fall could seriously not be any prettier! Sigh! I love it!

  5. you are sooo adorable - and i love your photos! that vest is too darling, too.

  6. This shirt is adorable on you, love the fur stole too.

  7. i love your glasses and shoes!

  8. I love love love your outfit! The blouse is so dreamy, and the waistcoat goes oh-so perfectly <3 And I absolutely love your blog layout! Gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. Love the fur colour and love the atmosphere in these photos! <3

  10. oh wow super cute! I love fall - the colours and textures make everything feel so homey!

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  11. This outfit is so great! All the different types of layers is perfect for a fall day.

    and I think you should totally add some pizazz to the fur collar by putting brooches on it. It'll be nice for a wedding look.

  12. I love this outfit. The sweater with fur and the long shirt. Plus the wooden wedges. I love it.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    danielle celeste

  13. I say leave it the way it is, looks geat


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