Last Night's Movie ♥

Beetlejuice, a film by Tim Burton.

I have to admit,  Beetlejuice was the most fun I've had watching a movie this past week! I have been on a strict "Halloween atmosphere" movies only diet lately and watching tons of scary movies and then it downed on me that there was a period in the 1980's where the after life was approached in a more funny light and suddenly I felt the urge to watch Beetlejuice. I enjoyed it SO much, it's like taking a roller coaster ride! It made me laugh a lot more than I expected and I just adored the costumes, set designs and the music! The soundtrack was part of our wedding music, he he, we are such movie geeks!

If I get a ghost for Halloween, can it please be one that makes me dance to funny music? You must check out the clip above!

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Have a good day everyone, I'll be back with an outfit post a little later!


ps: Beetlejuice would make a great Halloween costume idea!


  1. I LOVE Beetlejuice! I tried to get my 6-year-old niece to watch it w/me when I was home 2 weeks ago but she refused for some reason. Then I found out that she watched Hocus Pocus without me and I got jealous, haha! I love both those movies :) So cute that it was part of your wedding music! Last night we watched Christine, which neither of us have seen. But we liked it a lot - not nearly as cheesy as we suspected. We've also been watching only scary movies as of late - I wouldn't want it any other way!

  2. Yes Christine is pretty good too, I love Stephen King stories! Just watched The Secret Window this week-end and am planning on renting Pet Cemetery soon!

    I was thinking Beetlejuice was kids appropriate but since I'm not a mom yet I wasn't sure, so I can understand your niece's hesitation!

  3. I rented this movie this past weekend. Hahaha. LOVED IT!! (The week before I rented Edward Scissorhands!)! :)

  4. Oh gosh yes!! I love this movie..such a classic! Funny thing, at my work (at a high school) I printed off the funniest/creepiest picture of Beetlejuice and posted it on all the teacher's classroom door windows during their classes. It freaked a number of them out to all of a sudden look over and see him peering into their class:) I know, I'm such a nerd. I love that it was a part of your wedding soundtrack!!

  5. Haha thanks for posting this. It's been too long since I saw Beetlejuice. I have to go watch it now for a nice change of pace from the more bleak horror films I've been watching recently.

  6. You guys' comments made my day! When I post about a movie I really love, I always hope everybody will feel the same and am glad I have my awesome movie geek friends to share my passion with!

    Beetlejuice for the win.


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