Heart Shaped ♥

It's no secret: I LOVE everything heart shaped! Love is the most important thing in my life and little hearts make me feel happy! That's why I couldn't resist getting these amazing pants at the crazy Asos mid-season sale. Although I'm not much of a pant person these won my heart over (literally!) and for 12$ (and no shipping / duty fees!), they were just begging me to think outside the box! I had a really lovey-dovey week-end with my beau so it felt like this was the perfect outfit to post today! I love the pop art inspiration behind it and will be smiling all day in this one for sure! 
I wanted to thank you SO much for all the sweet comments, tweets and e-mails about my latest work accomplishment! Having you as a reader means so much to me and your friendship and kindness really touches my heart. You are awesome!

I'm determined to make this week super positive and very productive and I'm sending you vibes so that your week is awesome as well! We can accomplish our dreams!



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Pants: Asos
Shoes: ModCloth
Purse: Cole Haan
Heart shaped barcelet: H&M

Thanks to my friend Sophie for taking these pictures with me.


  1. Those pants are fabulous, Virginie! I love them on you ^^ x

  2. Haha, heart shaped pants are a must in your wardrobe! You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures lady!

  3. Those pants are so cool! Love it with the red shoes. I think it's great when clothing can make you smile all day long.

  4. Lovely! I like everything about this outfit!

  5. You look fantastic! I love those pants, they make a great statement! Thanks for the positive vibes!

  6. Those pants are crazy cute! So adorable :)

  7. First off, those pants are way too adorable!

    Secondly, and more importantly...I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. You are always so positive and your blog gives off great vibes. I can't help but smile when reading what you have to say....way to be encouraging to others! :)


  8. The mix of colors with the printed trousers are awesome!

  9. These pants are so lovely! And the red shoes with yellow top are almost even better.
    Have a nice week! (i love your positivity!:))
    xx, Niki

  10. Ahah, loooovely! Those pants are spo quirky! :)

  11. Awesome trousers! Hopefully the weather stays nice enough to wear them lots :)

  12. such a lovely outfit :)


  13. First off, congrats on your huge accomplishment of finalizing your script. I actually kind of know what a major thing this is as my brother-in-law is a writer and has worked on scripts for years and years...then to see one actually produced is quite an awesome thing. How exciting!

    I love, love, love this outfit. I can't stop staring at those beautiful shoes and I agree, I'm a totally sucker for anything with hearts. Your pants are the sweetest:)

    Have a lovely week darling! xx Marisa

  14. I'm in love with this outfit, so lovely, chic, romantic ;))

  15. this look is pure perfection :) those pants are just amazing! Love the combination, so cute!


  16. Oh those are some great pants !
    I am wearing some in the similar style - and for some reason they don't look so good - i prefer yours :)

  17. This outfit is ADORABLE! I absolutely love it. And the photos are so sweet too!


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