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Hello everyone! It's a very busy day in movie making world today so instead of today's outfit I am sharing this little blast from the past outfit that was what I wore on Thanksgiving! I had celebrated the holiday (which isn't really big in the French Canadian community) with a little cocktail hour on my friend's roof. We couldn't believe how hot it was for mid October and I'm sure we'll remember for a long time drinking Pineau des Charentes on the roof sleeveless!

Thanksgiving is the kind of holiday that makes me wish I was American, if only because American Thanksgiving is at a better time of the year and kicks off the holiday season (the most wonderful time of the year!). But also because it's a much bigger holiday there than it is here and I find that being thankful is something that deserves a lot of celebration! I had worn my little star pattern dress as a tribute to my cousins from the south and their great traditions!
I hope you are having a really positive and productive day too and that you are rocking coloured tights today!

ps: thanks to Chictopia for featuring my heart shaped outfit on their front page today!


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Dress: Asos
Boots: vintage (similar)
Tights: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Nail colour: Rimel in Pink Punk

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear


  1. wonderful boots! you look adorable.

  2. how did you know?! i'm rocking out some turquoise tights and having a productive day too, friend - thanks!

    p.s. love YOUR tights and that dress! the whole outfit seriously rocks!

  3. great photos my love.
    your white boots are cute. i would just be afraid they would get so dirty!

    xoxo katlin

  4. Because they are leather they actually was really nicely!

  5. The little stars are just adorable! xx

  6. Love love love those tights! The perfect mustardy colour...

    Cat xxx

  7. The tights and boots are perfect with that dress! Love your Thanksgiving style!


  8. This little dress is great!
    And those boots are awesome, I've been trying to convince myself lately that I WOULDN'T ruin a pair of white boots.
    I don't know much about Canadian Thanksgiving, but in America I consider it one of the best holidays because I'm all about the FOOD!

  9. So pretty! The yellow tights are the perfect addition to your stary dress for a celebratory outfit.

    I didn't know that French Canadians weren't into Thanksgiving as much. Is there a reason behind it, or just different holidays/traditions for different provinces? I guess I'm not very savvy on my Canadian history!

  10. omg, just found your bloh right now, but I'm sooo in love! you look so adorable, the photos are amazing! the boots are awesome, totally love this outfit!


  11. wow you loook so cute!It's so MOD!
    following you.:)

  12. Cute tights! Love the color. It's just like my Halloween costume.

  13. the white boots are wonderful and you look gorgeous, i like how the white in the boots and stars in the dress compliment each other.

    xo Nav

  14. congrats on your chictopia news! i want your white boots. they remind me of the go-go boots from the 1960's. ;)

  15. I love this outfit! And what a great way to celebrate thanksgiving.

  16. Found you through EBEW! I stinkin love your tights!!! Ahhh adding this color to my to-buy tights list!!!

  17. That's it. I must get a pair of mustard tights. Yours are too cute. As are you!

  18. You are beautiful. I wish that you all celebrated Thanksgiving when we do....you are right. It is the perfect way to kick off the wonderful holiday season!

    ...that said, a cocktail on the warm rooftop sounds pretty lovely too. :)

  19. Love the pretty star print dress!! And it's too bad Thanksgiving isn't really that big of a deal in Canada. It's a huge deal in the US and I'm sad to find out that none of mine or my husband's family will be in town to celebrate it:(

  20. I love this outfit and we are mustard-tight-twins!! I often also wish that I could experience American thanksgiving because it's so much more of an event than Canadian thanksgiving.

    Hope your week is wonderful and doesn't get too busy!

  21. Those boots are fab-u-lous!

  22. Lovely tights! I want some fall colored tights after seeing eveyone's today!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  23. Your little star dress is too cute, and what a chance that it was warm enough to be outside in such a light outfit on Thanksgiving weekend! I love the first shot of you jumping, it's really priceless :)

  24. Thanks for the Birthday wish :)

    That dress is so freakin adorable! AND I love those white boots!


  25. wow, wonderful outfit dear. i love

    your tights! looks fantastic with

    this beautiful dress.

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  26. I'm not sure the reason, we call it Action de Grâce here and we do get a long week-end (yay!). I thought Thanksgiving just wasn't big in Canada in general but I've since discovered English Canadians celebrate it a lot. Our Thanksgiving in in early October.

    I think I will have to start a tradition with my family and make turkey and all, I find it's such a meaningful holiday :)

  27. Hello, beautiful Virginie!! This outfit is absolutely perfection! As always, I'm absolutely crushing on your gorgeous style. I love the pop of colour from those lovely tights & that star dress is SO fab. And ah, that sunshine & rooftop -looks dreamy! Enjoy your day!! xo v

  28. You should definitely just start celebrating American Thanksgiving too, haha why not? Two days of thankfulness :) Love the dress by the way, and of course I love the beautiful tights as well :)

  29. My absolute favorite thing about Thanksgiving in America is that Christmas is next! I love your pretty starred dress and those yellow tights are amazing!

  30. I like the boots a lot, and they look great with those mustard tights.

  31. Love that dress! The white boots and the mustard tights are also very flattering. Wow!

    Cathy@Choosing the Best Nursing Scrubs that Flatter Your Body


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