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Melancholia, a movie by Lars von Trier

When I share movies with you, I always hope to inspire you to discover new directors or new types of filmmaking. Most of the time anyways (maybe not that time, he he!). It's certainly the case with today's movie by Danish director Lars von Trier, who is known for two things: his dogmatist philosophy and his "I don't give f&%$*" attitude. 

If you want to initiate yourself to a genre of cinema you don't necessarily watch everyday, Melancholia is a good place to start. It tells the story of two unstable sisters, played by Kristen Dunst and the amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg, who are faced with an astral dance of planets called Melancholia. It's probably the most romantic of von Trier's movies, the first half part taking place in a gorgeous wedding reception and also the most visually beautiful. I became completely bedazzled with the concept of planets doing an astral dance and as a good movie should it made me reflect on life and it made me feel... well, melancholic!

I'll let the trailer tell you the rest!



  1. Just watched the trailer - thank you for sharing this movie, it's so beautifully shot & it's now on my to watch list. I can't wait to see it, absolutely love movies like this. Hope you're enjoying a lovely day, dear Virginie. xo veronika

  2. Hmmm, I just check out the trailer, looks pretty good thanks for sharring :)

  3. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's best enjoyed in the cinema for the awesome sound!

    I've seen all of LVT's movies I think, he has a habit of making you cry. I cried so hard in Dancer in the Dark and Breaking the Waves that I went through a half box of tissues.

    The only one that hasn't really resonated with me was Antichrist, I just thought it was a bit ham fisted and gimmicky. Charlotte was great though.

  4. I've been wanting to watch this movie for a while. I know you can get it on-demand and iTunes, but I heard that you have to experience it for the music alone. So I'll have to make the drive to a larger city to watch it.

  5. Ah I loved this movie, although by the end I was well and truly depressed and feeling a bit sick! Eh in a good way I guess! :)

  6. This is such a beautiful and soul crushing work of art. It just might be my movie of the year.

  7. I just heard about this movie and was thinking of watching it. I believe I will now!


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