Victoria ★

In today's outfit at first I felt kind of like a superhero, the type of superhero that would have a handmade vintage shawl cape with fur trimmings (and change the fashion world one upcycled garment at the time?). But then I realized: this outfit was unconsciously inspired by fashion forward vampire Victoria (The Fascination). Out of all the movies of the franchise, Victoria has, in the first installment, the coolest sense of style. She wears this furry white cloak that is so chic and imposing and that never leaves her, weather she's chasing for a human to "eat" or crashing the high school prom. It's glamorous and wild, organic and raw. With the gorgeousness of her hair, it looks so fierce and strong, it really inspires me!
Adding the fur stole unto the shawl is a really gerat way of wearing it in winter. I put little hooks on the inside of the stole so that it can be attached to different things, like sweaters and coats. It's really easy and inexpensive and its sure to make extra versatile for cold months to come! It's awesome what a mini DIY can do to unleash the creativity!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. omg i want that shawl. do you have any ideas where else i could find one. i'm in love with it(:

    xoxo katlin

  2. Hey Katilin! I used to have a few of these babies in my Etsy boutique, I'll see if I can find another one and I'll let you know soon!!

  3. Beautiful shawl. Very romantic!

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  5. You look so lovely :) If you were a superhero, you'd be called La Fashionista...or SUPER GORGEOUS! lol. That's dorky but whatever ;)

    I have to comment on the pretty scenery. All of those leaves make me want to jump right into them.

    Beautiful pics & outfit!



  6. Amazing pictures doll! Don't you find it so cold venturing out like that, I wish Montreal had more wooded spots like this one ;)

  7. Wow, I love the shawl trimmed with fur - I really need to try this! Your outfit posts are always such an inspiration!

    Cat xxx

  8. ooooh my goodness, that shawl is absolutely amazing!!! Ah, I can't get over how beautiful it is -what an amazing piece to own, lucky, lucky girl! I love it paired with the dress & boots... and yay, for fashion super hero's. ;) veronika

  9. We had some shawls like that at home but I think they've disappeared into a box somewhere. Every time you wear that one I want to go on a rampage and find them!

  10. oh i just love your shall, the fur trim is awesome!!! also your boots are lovely :)

  11. The shawl/stole combination is so pretty!

  12. What a great idea to put hooks in stoles to put on different garments! Genius:) And you look amazing.

  13. That shawl is sooo very dreamy! What a great piece :)


  14. I wouldn't associate your romantic look with that of a vampire, but oh well- I"ve never been a fan of the latter, and never watched such a movie(apart from Twilight- just the 1st movie), so maybe there's something vampiric in you after all (it'd explain the gorgeous smile, you know :)
    have a great day!<3

  15. I love your fashion so much its unreal. You inspire me!

  16. Love the shawl. It's funny that something so beautiful reminds you of a vampire. Awesome!

  17. I guess I have a really romantic conception of vampires... and I'd be a vegetarian one!! It's just Victoria is so beautiful in the first Twilight :)

  18. Replies
    1. I guess a vegetarian vampire would drink a lot of tomato juice? ;-)


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