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My absolute most favorite Holiday movie (except from Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas) is Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shot. Though the movie' subject is not Holiday specific, I adore the way Kubrick brought the Christmas atmosphere to life (hello fairy lights bonanza!) and the luxuriance of decors and costumes. It's also my absolute favorite "relationship" movie, I love the way the theme of temptation is treated and how the everyday couple is portrayed. An absolute most see I say, I could have shared pictures of the whole movie, it's just SO pretty and enticing. 

Stanley Kubrick was such a genius and important artist in the History of filmmaking and The Stanley Kubrick Archives book is a fabulous gift for the cinephile on your list (Ramiro and I devoured it on our honeymoon trip!).

What's your favorite non typical Holiday movie?



  1. Mine is maybe the LOTR trilogy - nothing Christmassy in the entire film, but I love watching it in December :p
    Love 'Eyes Wide Shut' as well btw! x

  2. Oh yeah, a Holiday classic in our home too!

  3. aww love that movie too! watched it because we read the book in school & absolutely fell in love with it!! xo Ola


  4. i've never seen this - but i love holiday-ish movies so might need to check this one out.

    i love The Holiday and Elf - hands down!

  5. I have never seen this movie...but I am definitely going to check it out now. I really like The Family Stone around Christmas time!

  6. My favorite movie is Miracle on 34th Steet.

  7. He he I love Die Hard as an answer!!

  8. My family's gonna watch a six hour BBC adaptation of Dickens' Little Dorrit... four like the fourth time. Can't wait! :D

  9. I think Fanny and Alexander and I also like to watch The Shinning and Eyes Wide Shut. The two Kubrick films are twin movies that both have a glow finish and superb cinematography! EWS for the false New York Christmas setting and The Shinning for the false winter and the ballroom scenes!

  10. this movie makes me cry every time but i love it so much!
    such a great movie to cuddle up too with hot cocoa

    xoxo katlin


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