After spending 3 days with a cast and crew of 8 in a 12x12 room last week, it was really nice to take the shoot to a pretty and airy location. The first day we were shooting night with 12 extras and omg did our actors (Alexander Weiner, Cara Reynolds, Jesse Camacho and Richard Zeman) ever kill it. The second day we shot during day time taking advantage of the beauty of the building we had chosen. Being on set has so amazingly busy (our set is our home and 10 people have breakfast, lunch and supper here on top of shooting long long scenes) that I've had no time to do my hair or wear a dress, so being on location was the perfect occasion to style it up a bit. I've been posting about the movie in black and white because it's being shot in black and white as well. The filmed images are coming out SO good, it's surpassing my expectations by a lot. Sometimes I think about how good the movie is going to be and I want to cry. And then I remember to be humble and get a grip, he he! 

13 days of shooting to go!


ps: Thanks so much to my friend Sophie for taking a few candid shots on set, my bad for having my Cybershot on low res..


  1. I love the one of you dancing in the background.

  2. how great are these photos.
    and i totally love that they are all black and white.
    so cute

    xoxo katlin

  3. Hurray... it looks like it's going amazingly so far. Keep warm in those drafty old buildings!

  4. Virginie!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!! :)

  5. Super de nous faire partager les off de tes tournages !

    Happy new year si je ne te l'ai pas souhaiter :)



  6. I love the one with you and Ramiro, and also the one with Alex where you jump. Of course!

    And congrats to pursue your dreams xox


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