Below Zero ★

Happy Monday everyone! I'm so excited that the first week of shooting is done and week two is now starting! It's going SO well so far, this is literally the best experience of my life. My cast and crew are so amazing, I'm hopelessly in love with them. I can't wait until I can show you guys, now more than ever I know this movie is going to be amazing! Dressing for long days on set is a bit of a challenge, and although my look is not my main focus, I still want to put some thought into it, really makes me feel like myself in the middle of the craziness. I find that the trick when you have to put together a really functional laid back outfit is to pay extra attention to details, like a little fur collar, pattern socks and a funky belt (this one is my husband's and yes, he drew his thumb on it).
I have some more behind the scenes pictures from the movie coming up this week and some awesome guests posts from my favorite bloggers. Most of my blogging is done at 3 in the morning after 14 hours days on set theses days but I'm always so happy to have some time to share our adventure with you!

I hope you are having a great beginning to the new year and I wish us all a really positive and productive week!



  1. This is such a fantastic, cozy-looking outfit! I love that even though the top, vest, and socks don't match, they all go together really well.

  2. You look amazing and warm! I'm glad to see snow and I really really love your socks.

    Can't wait to hear more about the movie!



  3. Happy to hear you are having fun in all that movie craziness, you look amazing doing it :) Can't wait to see the other collab's ;)

  4. Brrrr, for being coatless at below zero. This is one cozy, funky, colourful and happy outfit though. Looking forward to the behind the scenes post!

  5. You look great! The outfit looks so cozy and warm, and it is interesting with the different patterns and textures. LOVE the socks in the shoes - so cute!

  6. So cozy and cute! The fur collar and knitted vest are a great combo. Congrats on finishing your first week of shoots, good luck with the rest of your movie.

  7. Loving this outfit!! Especially the fur collar and those fun printed socks. Very clever accessorizing for keeping warm and toasty. Can't wait to see the behind the scene photos!!

  8. Happy Monday, lovely Virgine!! This outfit is spectacular love every little detail - you have such a knack for putting together the most beautiful outfits!! And yay, so thrilled to hear that you are having a wonderful time with the movie!! xo V

  9. Yay for a great time movie-making! How awesome :)

    Lovely outfit as always! So comfy and cute and I adore the socks!


  10. I can't wait to hear more about the movie! You seriously amaze me :)

  11. nice belt with the finger!

  12. Wow, it looks so freezing, hope there's heating inside the set! Love that vintage sweater, so cute w/ the fur collar. def a cute but comfy outfit w/ the colors. Sounds like crazy days but glad to hear you're doing what you love : )



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