Afternoon Date ★

This week-end, Jean stopped by my place and whisked me away for a lovely romantic afternoon date. We talked (in French) all afternoon and her told me just how much he loved the post I had done for him this Summer as I confessed how I fell hopelessly in love with him when he played Octave Parango in 99 Francs. I reassured him that for sure he was going to win the Oscar (which he did of course), he complimented me on my outfit and told me he'd love to introduce me to Harvey Weinstein. Then it was time to drive him to the airport, where we kissed passionately before he left for Hollywood. It was SO lovely! That's when Ramiro woke me up... oh how I love afternoon naps!
And so my real life leading man took me on an actual afternoon date where strangely there was a lot of talk of the Oscars and of Harvey Weinstein as well as a great amount of outfit compliments. Seems like the distance between fantasy and reality can be made smaller when you work hard at accomplishing your movie making dreams...

"And the Oscar goes to... Ramiro Bélanger !!!"

One day, maybe ;)


Shop This Look!
Blazer: Thrifted (similar)
Blouse: vintage, coming to Pretty Colourful Vintage (re-opening this Thursday!)
Prospectress boots: ModCloth
Fur hat: vintage
Belt: vintage
Yellow scarf: Forever21
Bag: gift from my mom (similar)


  1. Le veston, la ceinture, le sac, etc. j'aime tout tout tout!
    Bon début de semaine!

  2. That belt is just awesome! I love how bold it is.

  3. this is such a cute outfit! I love pictures in the snow too! :)

  4. I have been watching Woody Allen movies all weekend, love this outfit doll, they took all the snow of the sidewalks here in Montreal, I just wish it was a little warmer!

  5. Love love love it! How you manage to look so stylish in the snow is beyond me!!

  6. Virginie this might be my favorite outfit of yours! The belt is my favorite, but I also love your fur hat, the striped blouse, those wide leg trousers and that great little jacket!

  7. this is a lovely outfit - i especially love the hat and bag! your hair is impeccable as well.

    cute little dream sequence ^_^

  8. You look stunning my dear...

    La blouse est cool!!!

  9. Great post. You are so funny! I love your outfit- the jacket, and well, everything- interesting shapes and silhouette

  10. You looks amaaaaazing. As always. I envy you for that. Those bootcut jeans are made for you! and so was that pretty little coat :) xo Nikki

  11. Hermoso outfit! muy colorido1 y encanta eso en invierno!
    Visita mi blog! :)

  12. Je suis totalement amoreuse en cet sac a main!Vraiment magnifique look, tu es mignone!:))


  13. You look beautiful darling. Love the dream, shut a cute little fantasy ;)
    Your belt & purse are amazing!

  14. you look so cute!!!. i love your jacket and belt..perfect date outfit

  15. might be my favorite outfit yet! love the colors and those jeans!

  16. That jacket is amazing! And so is the third photo, you are gorgeous Virginie :)


  17. I really love those jeans! I didn't see it listed in the post, so where did you get them?

    1. Wowsa sorry for the late answer, I just figured out how to answer comments on blogger (yay!!).

      Any who, I got these jeans so long ago (over 7 years!) I can't remember where I got them but you can find similar ones here: http://tinyurl.com/736fj3t :)

  18. Virginie, you look amazing! I've been pulling out my flared jeans today too - I'm going to have to take inspiration from you because you work them so well!

    Cat xxx

  19. haha I was so confused by that dream for a second- yay for your movie making though! Love that vintage hat, you just as adorable in pants as always : )

  20. adorable outfit! and check out those darling brown eyes!

  21. I wish my afternoon naps were half as exciting as yours!
    I do love your outfit it's just amazing. The close of your face is well, like you, beautiful!

  22. Now THIS is a great look! The hat, the fitted jacket, the trouser jeans, the color - love it. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love this kind of idea. Stay in love. God bless you.


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