Short Film Festival ★

This week-end Ramiro and I took a day trip to Chicoutimi to attend Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay, a short film festival where we were meeting up with some of our favorite friends to talk movie and make plans for the distribution of our feature film. I always love driving to Chicoutimi because for most of the drive we are in a nature reserve with nothing but beautiful nature for thousands of miles around. The weather is getting warmer fast and it's making me smile SO big! I wore a new dress to the festival and I'm thankful that it didn't get wrinkled on the 2 hours drive to get there... I guess polyester sometimes has it's good sides!
It was the third year in a row I was attending the festival (though it was Ramiro's first time), I had taken part in the festival with my friend Sophie in 2010 and 2011. I love that blogging gives me a place to store such souvenirs and let's me look back at the crazy times we had in festivals all around!

I'm spending a few days in Montreal this week, I hope it's a good one for all of us!


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Dress: Forever 21
Boots: vintage (similar)
Purse: Cole Haan
Tights: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: thrifted


  1. Great dress, boots and I love the pop of color in your tights! Wonderful!

  2. Love this look! Black and white stripes are my favorite and your sunnies are so movie star glam!

  3. Such a lovely outfit for a film festival! Perfect for those candid moments.

  4. Virginie! The photo of you looking to the side, curls flying....it looks like a movie still! I LOVE it so much. AND I love your outfit. You're always perfectly pulled together and beautiful.

    I miss you in blogland. I've been so busy lately, I feel like I haven't had a chance to comment in FOREVER! I hope to change that immediately. I need more Virginie in my life. ;) xoxoxo

  5. Great boots, you look super cute.

  6. i love your outfit!!> you look so cute and beautiful pictures too

  7. Love the bold look. Hope you have fun!

  8. You look GORGEOUS! I love love love this look. Red = success!

  9. I love your outfit! The dress is adorable, your sunglasses are precious, and the pops of color are brilliant.

  10. I really love this outfit, and the striped dress!
    I found your blog via Orchidgrey and the recent discussion about blogging-aims, I found your opinion quite interesting. I also planned to write more about music and CDs and literature, but well, I felt like nobody would really be interested in what I'm writing about. So now I found an option that satisfies me: I normally include a video from youtube with the music piece I'm talking about or I listended to in a concert in the post, and even if I only get one response that is like "while reading your blog, I listenend to the wonderful music of xy you posted, I didn't know it before, but I liked it" (or something similar), I'm already quite happy. With my blog I try to combine culture (classical music, opera, theatre) with fashion, but it's not as easy as I thought at the beginning...
    I think it's quite interesting to write about films like you do - that's something where I really would love to know more about! And so I followed you via bloglovin (I'm the one behind the no. 172...) - I hope to read soon a post about movie or a new project of you!

    xxx Anita

    1. Thanks Anita! Julie's post on her blog content really resonated with me, I have myself just realized that I have to blog things I want to remember later, like my movie making adventures and the movies we watch daily as well as my personal style. That's how our blog can be unique: by making it ressemble us!

      Keep up the good work with your blog and talk soon!

  11. looks like a beautiful drive up to the film festival. did you two have a movie showing or went to support and meet the other film makers (def awesome either way!). always love those boots & great looks w/ the fun tights.

  12. We didn't have a film showing because it's a short film fest and we just made the transition into producing feature films in the past year but I had a few meetings set up over there to help the distribution of our latest film, Clyde Nelson, with contacts and our mentor. We also had time to watch a few rad short films, which is always great!


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