Life Lately // Work & Play ★

The past week-end was SO much fun! We were celebrating both our birthdays and in true Bélanger style, we spend as much time working as we did celebrating! We just love movie making THAT much ;)

I was spoiled rothen and got the most beautiful flowers for my b-day, I adore getting flowers! We had a sushi pic nic for Ram's b-day and then migrated to Montreal where we spent time with our lead actor, Alex Weiner, shooting a few inserts for the movie and doing a special photo shoot.
We also did a night time photo shoot with our actors Mark Krupa and Francis Gould Junior. I'll be doing a full post on that photo project tomorrow. It was so cool.
We had supper with our favorite people and went dancing to celebrate. I was spoiled even more by my mom who started me a plant to mark the milestone. I love getting gifts that can grow with you! I still have a plant Ramiro gave me when we had our very first fight so many years ago and it has been with us throughout all of our adventures since...
And, from me to me with love, a new pair of pretty shoes for my trip to the Cannes Film Festival (I'm starting to be seriously excited here!!).

This week is all about sound editing and getting our production house brand ready, we are excited for the week-end to start planning our new web site and the promo material for the Cannes trip. Week-end workers for life!

Hope you're having a great week too :)


Style credits: in the first picture I am wearing an Asos Cape, a Gap stripe t-shirt, H&M jeans, Walmart sandals (I'm sorry) and a vintage silk scarf. The round glasses and leather jacket are from H&M as well, you can find a similar jacket online here (I get lots of questions about it!). The new shoes are from Zara (and zomg, I'm in love!).


  1. Great photos! I love your mirrored sunglasses and those new shoes are amazing!!

    1. They might be my favorite shoes EVER!!

      We are in love :)

  2. Happy Birthday again!!! You look gorgeous in these pics with your pretty cape. I love getting flowers too. You deserve them!

    1. Thanks so much Andi! Turning 30 is pretty fabulous, you'll see :)

      Virginie xo

  3. I love those sandals! And that bouquet looks beautiful :)

  4. Looked like you had a wonderful birthday, best wishes :)


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