Last week, Ramiro and I held a night time photo shoot at my father's farm with some of our actors. We had prepared by brainstorming and creating mood boards and since the movie is in black and white, we knew we wanted to take the pictures in pitch black with high contrasts. It was our second time shooting at night for this movie and it creates such a cool result. I'll be sharing some of the portraits taken in a later post! You'll love them.

As independent filmmakers, we love being hands on with all the steps of production. We know it might not always be like that as our productions become bigger and bigger and we are really enjoying the process SO much. We were the photographers and used lights that we own. I think if you are an independent filmmaker, a light set is the second thing you need, right after a camera that shoots high def. These lights have been with us from the very beginning and are responsible for 75% of the lighting in our feature film.
Ramiro was in charge of all the official photos (we'll be using for our marketing tools and press) and I was in charge of behind the scenes shots. I can't think of a  better to spend a Friday night!

This week, Ramiro shared with me his idea for the opening credits and it's so crafty and artistic, I'm really excited! I love that he used to be a painter and studied applied arts and is using his background as inspiration....Virginie XO