Last Night's Movie: Exit Through the Give Shop ★

This has to be one of the best movies I have seen in a while! It's indescribable in a way, it's a comment on so many things in our pop drenched society but it is also a fascinating documentary about the rise of street art, the spreading of symbolism, the happening of Banksy and the make belief of the art game...

The story is told widely through the voice of Thierry Guetta, a camera obsessed french man turned street artist turned pop phenomenon that had me wondering where the boundaries of realities were and suspecting him to be somewhat of a stunt...

After all, this is a "Banksy film", created by someone who first got noticed when he put up some of his own paintings on the walls at Le Louvre and shared artful messages of peace on the gaza wall... 

Honestly one of the most inspiring pieces of cinema I have seen lately!



  1. i love this movie. something about who he really is and the conspiracies are so captivating

  2. Agreed, even though I'm not entirely convinced how truthful it is, this really is an inspiring film with fascinating personalities.

    1. I know! I'm thinking the whole Mr. Brainwash is a stunt/social experiment funded by Banksy!

      I thought the whole image repetition as an aesthetic concept of our era was fascinating as well, after all the human eye has never, in the History, been as solicited as it is today...

      Virginie xo


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