Cannes Photo Diary 4 ★

And here it is, the very last Cannes Photo Diary! My friends asked me to post more pictures of the trip and this is the result, a kind of silly diary about life at and around the Festival. It was an unforgettable trip that I am very lucky to have had the chance to go on. It's hard to photograph the more business aspect of the festival of course but then again, a lot fo good business is done in the least expected circumstances!

You can view all my posts from the 2012 Cannes Film Festival here.

Hope you are having a great day my friends!


ps: You have been asking about the photo filter I use in some posts (like this one): it's AnalogColour from Toycamera :)


  1. Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing your Cannes adventure! Looks absolutely amazing!

  2. I love these photo diaries. They are a fun look into your life. Plus, the cardboard cutout with the head-hole is too funny!

  3. Beautiful photos!!! Every photos has so much life in it. I wish I could be you for one day. Just one day.

  4. Spectacular!
    (and yess, I mean your but ;)

    Magnifique voyage, magnifiques photos. Très inspirant. Et tu es parfaite dans ce décor!

    Sophie xx

    1. J'ai créé ce post juste pour toi en plus (et je suis certaine que le canari l'aime aussi... mon derrière).

      Virginie xo


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