On Our Day Off ★

This week-end was kind of perfect. We got to escape the city to my friend Andrew's amazing cabin. We swam, ate BBQ, floated on the lake with blown devices, played games and had a bon fire with marshmallow. Pure summertime bliss. The spot is incredible, congrats Andrew on making your dreams come true! 

I also got to exercise a new passion of mine, which I'll be telling you more in the next post.

I wore cut off overals over my Cannes Monoprix bathing suit with Asos sunglasses. Seemed like the perfect outfit for this country vacation although I'm not sure it would work anywhere else...

Hope your week-end was relaxing too!



  1. That does seem like a very idyllic weekend. Excited to hear about your new thing in the next post or too as well!

  2. Is that gray nail polish? How absolutely chic! Lovely pictures...I absolutely LOVE the outdoors. Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend :)



    1. It's actually a dark purple, Chanel in Paradoxe ;)

      Virginie xo

  3. Lovely pictures! Nothing better than a weekend of relaxing :) x

  4. Sounds like the most perfect weekend ever!

  5. The is most definitely the perfect outfit for a country vacation! As much as I love dressing up, I love wearing one thing that I feel great in for four days straight - so liberating! This lake looks absolutely gorgeous, so happy you had a great weekend!

  6. Looks and sounds like the most relaxing and perfect weekend full of fun! You are so chic in your sunnies and swimwear...a true Summer Goddess, my stylish and beautiful friend!! The setting is gorgeous, too. ;)

    p.s. While hubby and I were out this weekend at the movies, I saw a preview for Tarantino's Django and thought of you....are you as excited about it as I am?! Looks fantastic!!!


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