Gloomy ★

It's official: I've watched way to many scary movies this week! Now I jump every time the phone rings and got super scared when there was a knock on my door this morning... Turns out of course it was the postal worker. The weather has been super gloomy and I'm enjoying it to bits, I kind of like being scared and although I don't have plans to dress up this Halloween, I love getting in the Halloween spirit. Plus I live next to a church with a small cemetery... both comforting and frightening at the same time!

Of course I have plans pf watching many more scary movies this week-end, I just can't help it! Any suggestions for me? Have a great week-end everyone!



  1. haha I really can't watch scary films! love your little cape though! x

  2. I love scary movies too, the husband....not so much! ja! so we don't watch a lot of those...Rosemary's baby is a must for this season though...have a nice friday!

  3. Love your shoes!!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  4. I love the little cape and I admire your courage at wearing those gorgeous heels in this cold weather (although I'm not sure how cold it is in Quebec. It is cold enough here on the west coast!)

  5. I love this outfit! Oh my goodness, I hate when I get scared after scary movies. Actually, it happens to me after watching one hahaha

  6. i loooooove scary movies~ Personally, I like thrillers the best... but i haven't seen any good scary movies lately. Love your outfit too!


  7. Hey, here's my list of unseen horror films! Most are creative, low-budget ones :)


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