Last Night's Movie : The Strangers ★

I have been watching a ton of scary movies this past week and I think this one might have been my favorite (although to be fair, my Crackle froze during a screening of the 1980's hit The Blob...).

I loved that The Strangers has such a non stereotypical premise. I tells the story of a young women (Live Tyler) who just refused her boyfriend's (Scott Speedman) marriage proposal. They return to his parents home late in the night when a mysterious young women knocks at their door and a sequence of eerie occurrences start to take place. The movie has a bit of a Lars Van Trier feel to it  and a romantic photography that is refreshing in a world of scary movies full of dumb blonds and jocks. I loved Liv Tyler's performance and got really really scared ("she pauses from typing and looks over her shoulder, to make sure there isn't a stranger in her studio..."). I truly enjoyed the auteur film quality of the production (it was written and directed by Bryan Bertino) and would definitely recommend it.

Do you have other scary movie suggestions for me?



  1. i absolutely love this film! it's in my top 10 :)

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  2. I also loved this film, I find home invasion movies to be the scariest kind!
    Funny Games (with my fave, Tim Roth) is along the same lines - very unnerving.


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