On Our Day Off ★

Yesterday Ramiro and I went on a pretty crazy adventure. We drove to the Laurentian Park to go marvel at the Autumn colours (SO beautiful!). We wanted to take a few family pictures of the two of us so we ventured to find a pretty spot, tripod an blanket in hand. Ramiro decided the prettiest place to take the photographs would be on top of a "little" mountain, so we could see the scenery all around. Never one to turn down a little hiking, I agreed. We found a mountain we liked, figured it wasn't too high, jumped over the moose fence and started walking up in the high grass/rocks. And walking up. And walking up. Suffise to see, it was a lot higher and steeper than we had first thought! It took about 45 minutes to reach the top, but the view was indeed worth it. Of course it started raining the moment we got there, and so we took refuge in the forest, which was the most whimsical and fairy like I have ever seen! Breath taking. I'll be sharing the family pictures we took a little later, you'll see what I'm talking about. I don't tink we have ever been so wet and we are pretty sore today, but it was SO much fun!

I'm so happy to have a husband that's always willing tho think outside the box and go in the most unexpected adventures, they make the most fun memories!

Hope your week-eng was great too guys :)



  1. Sounds like a gorgeous day; can't wait to see the family photos.

  2. Stunning photos! I miss Canada.

  3. Magnifique!!! Cette première photo est senssass! bravo <3

  4. I love the autumn colours! I definitely miss that about Eastern Canada.


  5. Sounds like an awesome adventure! Love your grandpa sweater - it's perfect for fall.

    Kate xo

  6. The 4th photo is just stunning! I adore your sweater with the elbow patches..so cute :)



  7. Your photos are simply stunning! Happy Fall!


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