Québec-Montréal ★

This month, I'll be driving from Québec city to Montréal one too many times to attend meetings, screenings, a film festival, take part in a short film shoot and visit my family. Driving the 3 hours between the two cities gets old very fast, but I have to say in October, it's a feast for the eyes! There aren't any cities between the two points and so its nothing but glorious Autumn nature for miles and miles. Red, orange, yellow trees, corn fields, pine trees. And little coloured leaves covering the ground, like jewels. This is definitely the most beautiful time of the year in our corner of the world. Makes all the driving much more magical and truly inspiring!

And so I'm enjoying every minute and storing as many mental images as I can...



  1. These photos are incredible. I love love love the fall colours. Could anything look prettier?


  2. My goodness Canada is so stunningly beautiful right now!
    California is still very much Summery 90+ degree days, blinding sun, and dry barren fields where the seasonal crops once grew. Sigh...
    I hope you're enjoying it twice as much for me!

  3. Ah, these are so gorgeous! My dad has promised than when I stop back in Ontario for a few days we'll go looking for fall colours. I hope they're half as lovely as these. I wish I was going to either Quebec City or Montreal myself! Best of luck with your film festivals and everything else!

  4. Oh my, Canada looks gorgeous!! I wish London looked a little more like this now it's Autumn.. xx

  5. Those leaves are so stunning! I wish the leaves were changing colors in NYC already!

  6. These trees are literally jaw-droppingly beautiful.

  7. These photos are beautiful - the colours are stunning!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  8. Have you ever done the drive on the chemin du roy? It`s much longer but oh SO beautiful! I definitly recommend doing it at least once, especially in good company and during this beautiful season :)

  9. I never have, I have to check it out! I always choose longer but more beautiful over fast and efficient. It makes me love my country so much marveling at its amazing glorious nature...

    Thanks for the tip Christine!

    Virginie xo


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