The Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was up on our Busan visit wish list (along the Jagalchi Market). It is a buddhist temple located sea side and offers the most breathtaking views. It it said that one of your wishes will come true for sure if you pray buddha for it while visiting the Temple. It was such a magical place to visit and spend some down time.
 Behind the Temple we decided to follow an inviting cat into the woods (...) and hiked up a little hill, through a small forest to end up sea cost again,  away from civilization. There nobody but a fisherman who offers us a live fish. There was some war like installions and we weren't sure if it was film/TV set or an actual war lieu. Bizarre in an intriguing way. Such a great afternoon.
I also posted some photos and videos of this trip on my new Instragram acount. The next Busan post will bring us back in the heart of the city, at the foot of it's most architechtuarely interesting buildings. Virginie XO

ps: I'm wearing a F21 lace dress + Salt Water sandals + Cole Haan purse + Asos sunglasses