I recently realized that I don't share a lot of French films on the blog although I watch a lot (and am French) so consider this the first francophile film post of more to come! 99 Francs is a film inspired from the best seller book written by Frederic Beigbeder in 2000. I tells the story of Octave, an excessive and cynical young parisian publicist who's life comes undone when he falls for Sophie (Vahina Giocante je t'aime tant). It's a dark and humorous look into the world of publicity and a bitter comment of the amount of images we consume and the lifestyle of the industry. Jean Dujardin is never better in my opinion (ooh mon coeur!) and it's a great film for you and your better half. It does contain drugs and partial nudity, so be warned (but I mean it's a French film, what do you expect). Hope you enjoy it! Virginie XO