LIFE LATELY 17.03.2014

* siberian weather and their fur accessories *
* snow as far as the eyes can see in quebec city *
* dog cat naps and springtime dreams *
* curing winter blues with way too much sugar *
* finally making "the extra room " in our home into a room we can use, aka my home office (yay!) *
* faking spring inside with pretty flowers that make me smile *
* being inspired by above flowers to grow all kinds of vegetables from seeds *
* spending long hours writing and refusing to go outside until the temperatures rise *
* what we'll be "harvesting" this summer in my balcony garden... if all goes well *

The past month has been really busy and full of emotions. I have cabin fever big time (don't we all this time of year?) and look forward to playing outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin! The best remedy has been the mini garden I have been growing from seeds, I swear it grows daily and we are all fascinated by it around here. Let hang in there guys, Spring is almost here! Virginie XO