This year, I didn't take a specific resolution but rather made a few bigger goals, some personal and some career oriented. One of my biggest career goals I made is to write my first feature length script. I was very involved in the writing of a few projects, including CLYDECYNIC, but I've been wanting to explore different genres and themes on my own for a while and finally feel ready to do it. Yee haw!

So the goal is: write one feature film in 2014. But the challenge, and what I really would like to accomplish, it to complete two full scripts by the new year. The one I am currently working on and a horror script. I guess we'll see how it goes! At first I thought about adopting a method from a screenwriting book (hello Dov S. S. Siemens!) but ended up moving away from the idea to take a more organic approach because I feel ready to do so. The first week I concentrated on writing everyday about the characters and the universe they live in. Then into the second week I started putting down a timeline of the first act and wrote the first 5 scenes without dialogue. I tell you, I have been enjoying creative writing big time!
So far this process has been unfolding mostly in a warm corner of my home office with Billie as my little assistant and to a very pop soundtrack. I'm excited to see how this goal takes life and promise to share the journey/progress/heartache here every few weeks. Have an inspiring week-end everyone! Virginie XO

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ps: my red flats from Forever 21, skinnies are Levis and peplum t-shirt is from UO