At the end of this week, I am leaving Quebec city where I have been living for the past five years. This is not the city where I was born or grew up so I always felt a bit like an outsider in these parts, but also have a deep love for this little city, the very first of North America. When we first moved here, I was a clueless PhD student with filmmaking dreams and I think I will always look back on this season of my life as a very self defining one. I left Montreal a young woman looking for her place in the world, with still a lot to figure out. Quebec city will always have a special spot in my heart as it hosts many amazing memories: this is the place Ramiro got on one knee to make it official, the place where we got married, the place where I shot my second short film and my very first feature film, the place I lived the first time I was invited to be part of the Cannes Film Festival.... In the past five years, I directed and animated radio shows here in Quebec, was Artistic Director of the filmmaking coop, started a cine-club and got my very first producing credit on a video game working (Skylanders SWAP FORCE for Activision's local studio). I made videos on countless roof tops, replaced my car for a bicycle and made fantastic friends that inspire me so much. Quebec city is the corner of the world I lived in when I truly became a filmmaker and, as corny as it may sound, really grew into a woman. I'm  a late bloomer y'all!  And as the days count down, I'm a bit nervous to leave the bustle of the city (I've been living "downtown for 12 years now!ù) but looking forward to a new location, new projects and making new dreams come true. Aurevoir et à bientôt Quebec! Virginie XO

ps: I'm wearing a vintage Gap denim jacket, a swapped Roxy dress, Urban Outfitters sandals and F21 sunglasses.