LIFE LATELY 22.05.2014

I've extra excited to leave our concrete apartment for our home in the country. Moving day -9!
Speaking of moving, I love the road that leads from the city to our country home. Does that sound silly? It follows the beautiful Saint-Lawrence River all the way into the mountain where you can view these floating chalets that pretty much blow my mind every time
After the longest winter, there is nothing quite like night time walks in sandals and pink sunsets. I'm a warm weather person, most definitely.
And then nature that blooms as well, making the city SO pretty and lively after months and months of being frozen.
Also the #GARDENPROJECT made it's very first vegetable! I almost cried. So glad I started this simple project.
Had girls only week-end at my father's maple farm with my friends Anne and Sophie. It rained the whole time so we spent a lot of time eating. This is Anne trying to get an internet signal to check out the pancake recipe on Ricardo. They were amazing.
With Ramiro and Billie we have been playing tourists in a few spots that won't be so close to our new home, like these waterfalls. I look forward to discovering new spots with them!
I held a little garage sale and miss Sara Boo made me these cupcakes in exchange for a few of the items on sale. YUM! Bikini denial all the way.
And all around soaking up the magic beauty of nature and going where the rainbow ends. Literally.

If like me you are a fan of everyday beauty, see more through the lens my Iphone here :)