I'm so excited to announce that after 3 cities and 6 apartments... Ramiro and I are purchasing our first home together! It's our absolute dream home and will therefore be the head quarters of our production company, Genre d'Abattoir (we already have dreams of building an office in the 50 thousand square feet of woods that will be ours, how sick would that be!). We are leaving the city for greener pastures, literally, as we'll be moving out of our downtown condo rental and in the mountain on our own humble yet sizeable domaine. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a water stream crossing my yard and in this home, our first home, that dream will come true. I feel so blessed! Our small home is also facing a darling little lake and is part of a cool community we look forward to being a part of.
We signed the final papers today so we went up there to celebrate, walk around our woods and send our family tons of pictures. I'm already kind of in love with the neighbourhood; there is something so special about being in the mountain, yet being lake adjacent and having farms as neighbours, it's like all things we love wrapped into one! While we were driving there a first rainbow appeared into the cloudy sky and seemed to be leading us straight to our future home. By the time we were within a mile of the house, the rainbow had doubled! I know it sounds silly, but I felt like it was a magical sign that this is the right place for us to be right now. I think if my friend Sophie had been there, she would have cried. I can't imagine being any happier. I'm so excited for this new phase of our lives!

Looks like this week-end will be full of packing and hockey (go Habs!) for us. Have a good one everybody! Virginie XO

ps: I'm wearing Hunter boots, a Buffalo raincoat, a F21 dress and glasses from ASOS