Continuing in the francophile tendency, I really wanted to share a post on Tanguy, a french comedy that tells the story of a young PhD. student still living with his parents in Paris and mooching off their luxurious lifestyle. Although they have an infinite love for him, his parents are coming to terms with the fact that they would love for him to move out, especially since he makes a ton of money tutoring and giving the minister advices, and brings way too many young ladies to their home to... you know. An expert of asian languages, culture and history, Tanguy is very bright in all matters but very slow at getting the clue. His parents become relentless in their quest to get him to leave the family home and push their own boundaries in unexpected ways. This film is witty, hilarious and totally relatable; it's the kind of film I would recommend everyone, which isn't always the case with the films I love ;) Hope you enjoy it! Virginie XO