Last April our feature film CLYDECYNIC received its very first award at the Amsterdam International Film Festival for Cinematography in World Cinema. The first award of my first feature film? That's something that only happens once in a lifetime! This week we received the trophy in the mail and I almost cried (after giving a fake speech to a non existant audience). Isn't SO pretty too? I'm proud (and super humble) that the award is concerning the cinematography of our film since we took the risk of going without a DOP (Ramiro, who is also the director, was his own DOP and shot the whole film with only one camera assistant). Our images were created with two Canon 7Ds + prime lenses and DIY stabilizers and rigs, not the most impressive set up to say the least, as we were working with a micro budget. By embracing our technical limitations, our goal was to create a photography style that is elegantly efficient and pragmatic. Although I wouldn't necessary recommend all indie filmmakers  go without a DOP, I'm glad to see that following our instinct and taking a risk paid off in this specific situation. Many thanks to the Amsterdam International Film Festival for this recognition, Virginie XO