LIFE LATELY / 18.07.2014

I am enjoying living in the country oh so much! But is fly season over yet? I don't want to brag, but if we did a mosquito bites contest, I'd totally win. 
I keep discovering new berries growing on our land. I picked the first wild blueberries, strawberries and raspberries this week and have been looking for creative ways to cook with the rhubarb that grows next to our house. So far I have burnt two cakes and made half decent bars...
I have been feeling a little... frazzled? Anxious? Filled with doubts? And hiking has been my peace of mind / salvation. That and naked swimming every chance I get. I live far from civilization, so there is no one around when I do, don't worry mom.
My Dad came to visit us and brought many boxes of old stuff of mine he had at his farm. There was a box of clothes in which I found these Luscious overalls I bought when I was 18. Good news: overalls are back in style and these still fit!
And stargazing is fast becoming our favorite romantic date. It's amazingly beautiful how well we can see the stars and galaxies far away from the city. I could look at the sky for hours and hours...

Have a great week-end everyone! Virginie XO